Blogeography- Website and informative blog

Blogeography is a website aimed to be a one-stop platform to know different events happening in all countries across the globe. It is primarily a blogging platform wherein users can read a variety of blogs that range from events across countries and even surf through job openings!

Technology Used:
  • django
  • Google Analytic API
  • Mem-Cache
  • Postgresql DB

Key challenges

Our client wanted to build a website focused on sustaining interaction between visitors. Thus our primary objective was to build a platform that enticed new visitors to explore the website and interact with the blogs and other visitors through commenting and availing an email-based subscription.

Here are the key challenges that came our way:

  • Aside from the common blogging features, our client also wanted to allow customers to post their own sponsored advertisements.
  • We had to enable third-party plugins to allow visitors to comment on blogs using their personal accounts (Google, Facebook).
  • The most popular blogs were to be automatically selected and displayed as featured posts on the website.
  • Even the user comments were supposed to have a ranking system. The top comments were then shown on the home page.

Solution Implementation

We developed the project through phases, which gave our client a clear direction as to where the project was headed. We gave a demonstration at every stage of product development, took feedback and implemented solutions which were as follows:

  • We built options for User sign-up, so they could see job openings as per their geographical region.
  • Our developers built a sophisticated commenting system that encouraged visitors to share their opinions on blogs posted on the website.
  • Top posts were identified through data collected by Google analytics and were featured on the home page automatically.
  • Our developers also baked-in options for an email subscription.


The client was highly satisfied with the MVP. After a few bug fixes, thorough analysis, and testing, we finally deployed the website and handed it to the client. Here are some important pointers that come out of it:

Blogeography- Website and informative blog
Blogeography- Website and informative blog
Blogeography- Website and informative blog