Business Intelligence Solution For a Leading Airport

In the Travel platform, the airline admin and airport authority face different kinds of challenges like passenger traffic, fares issues, stormy weather, delayed flights, canceled flights, shifts, travel safety, security issues and many more on a daily basis. And because of these unexpected issues makes an impact on smooth workflow of operations and the entire functioning at the airport. 

Such problems make passengers and airport/ Airline authorities restless and it's a major hurdle for Airlines to increasing in Load factors (Seating capacity in flights). In the travel industry we have also provided real time data to our customers like which flight is delayed or rescheduled billing and passenger detail. So, the integration of data in this industry is also important to understand the customer booking behavior which helps to enhance the customer loyalty.

Technology Used:
  • Azure SQL
  • Power BI

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Key challenges

  • To build an intuitive and scalable platform that is fault-tolerant and offers a seamless experience.
  • Secure management of the business data.

Solution Implementation

We advised Microsoft Power BI as their business intelligence software and Microsoft Azure for cloud services. The airport / Airlines has deployed Microsoft Azure technology to collect data from back-end operational systems like booking data, Special request data, Baggage and Meal data at the airport. These systems are check-in counters, baggage tracking systems, flight schedules, weather tracking systems, cargo tracking and many more.

Power BI transforms the crude information into informative visuals showing different statuses and statistics of the airport systems. Then, the ground staff like baggage handlers, gate agents, air traffic controllers, etc. use this information to properly operate and manage passengers.

Services such as Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake Analytics and Azure SQL Database are used to extract, clean and prepare operational data in real-time. This data is about flight movements, security queues, passenger transfers, and immigration queues, Booking conversion rates, Load factor, Top Origin, Destinations, Sales vs Cancellation, Booked Revenue Vs Flown Revenue Ultimately, Power BI uses data from these Azure services for analysis and interpretation.


If there is a change in the jet stream, it may delay about 20 flights in a day. This will result in about 6,000 passengers waiting at the airport at a given point of time. It will increase passenger traffic and density at the airport. Power BI works like the centralized information system. The airport uses it to inform about the sudden passenger influx. This information goes out to different sections such as food outlets, immigration, customs, gate attenders, baggage handlers at the airport. This will give them time to prepare themselves to attend the passengers.

With the presence of smart BI solutions like Power BI, airport staff is notified in advance about the probable delays and the sudden rush of passengers at the airport. This help management groups and other employees to take suitable actions in advance like increasing the food stock, adding extra passenger buses, increasing the ground staff, directing the passengers to the waiting area, etc. to avoid any last-minute hustle.

Business Intelligence Solution For a Leading Airport
Business Intelligence Solution For a Leading Airport
Business Intelligence Solution For a Leading Airport

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