Compliances Management

DevOpsGroup was appointed to migrate SureView’s flagship Immix product from TFS to Azure DevOps. The objective was to facilitate better ways of working on the more modern Azure DevOps platform. Standard methods couldn’t achieve the desired end-state, so DevOpsGroup engineers extended the functionality of open source tooling to overcome technical issues. We helped the business achieve a seamless transition and enabled software delivery acceleration with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery principles to facilitate movement towards SaaS.

Technology Used:
  • Angular9
  • Azure DB
  • Microsoft TFS

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Key challenges

  • Document storage : client has millions of legal and compliances documents that need to be communicated between new vendors. Vendors can also do amendments as per their needs.
  • Version controlling and managing new task, Changes and bugs.
  • Seamless deployments and rollback.
  • Application monitoring: like User load, Web pages speed optimization, performance monitoring of multiple schedulers.
  • Management of large DB while millions of transactions was done by major law and legal , credit card and loan verification companies.
  • Reports were too slow due to major insert and update on master tables.
  • Security and compliance concerns, Single sign on.

Solution Implementation

  • Change application source code.
  • Commit Application Code.
  • Continuous integration triggers application build, container image build, and unit tests Container image pushed to Azure Container Registry.
  • Continuous deployment trigger orchestrates deployment of application artifacts with environment specific parameters.
  • Deployment to Azure Kubernetes Service Container is launched using Container Image from Azure Container Registry.


After adding docker into the application, it became platform-independent. Development becomes much easier. Using Azure CDN client gets the advanced benefit of document analysis. Azure synapse and blog storage were really helpful to generate reports faster. Azure backup was beneficial to manage disaster recovery. The client can easily manage Source control, Plan and track work, Continuous integration and deployment, Manual and exploratory testing, Collaboration services.

Compliances Management
Compliances Management
Compliances Management

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