Construct AI App

The Construct AI app is developed to revolutionize the construction industry with automated solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and advanced project management. This application is created using React Native and Expo libraries to implement all the designs and APIs. Using this app, users can manage various things related to material deliveries and inventory, time record history, and project running status.

Technology Used:
  • Firebase
  • Nodejs
  • React Native

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Key challenges

  • Visualize dynamic graphs for employee users.
  • Integrate drawer in the existing project.

Solution Implementation

  • In react native with limited open-source libraries, it was hard to manage the dynamic graph as per requirements; to overcome this challenge, we used Chart Kit.
  • For integrating drawer in the existing project, it was hard to change all the navigation routes as it would lead to big navigation issues. So, we used modal to
    implement the custom drawer screen and made a component for the same.


The Contract AI Application developed by us is multi-featured and can smoothly work on mobile devices. Have a look at a few screenshots of the app screen.

Construct AI App
Construct AI App
Construct AI App

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