CRM Tool Application

External clients can login into the external IDB portal and submit service requests for Alight Professional Services. IDB notifies the concerned account manager/engagement manager who will then review the request and approve it for task creation in IDB. IDB creates the task which is then assigned to an Alight colleague for action. External client and engagement managers also can view dashboards in IDB which show the status of tasks and other important metrics.

Technology Used:
  • AJAX
  • Core PHP
  • Javascript
  • MySQL

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Key challenges

  • Some defects come which doesn’t get replicated by our end.
  • Maintain large scale of features for all or specific clients and assignments of all traffic of incoming requests.
  • Generating a large amount of data reports and handling the traffic.
  • Deployment of codes.

Solution Implementation

  • This is being taken care of another feature of IDB i.e. PROXY. We can proxy any requester in the system to generate some kind of series of events for the same.
  • As cleared above IDB handles many and ongoing enhancement features for worldwide customers and users. These are handled by a large technical team by their technical skills and hierarchy of these teams and assignments of incoming requests are done by these teams only.
  • By optimizing the code, queries, uses of the stored procedure, views, cache table, and capable servers, the traffic is put under control.
  • As having a large-scale team and modules which are worked upon, to handle the deployment and maintain the working stability of the application, a definite and strict rule of deployment is being followed.


CRM Tool Application
CRM Tool Application
CRM Tool Application

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