Developing a Seamless E-Commerce Platform

A leading brewing tech company in Japan wanted to enhance its digital asset, a tea lover's smartphone app. We revamped the e-commerce section of the app to deliver seamless shopping and add features like shopping carts, subscription features etc.

Technology Used:
  • AWS
  • Firebase
  • Flutter

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Project Synopsis

The objective was to add an eCommerce section to an under-development smartphone application to help users purchase the necessary supplies and ingredients for making tea. This makes the process easier and more convenient for users, as they can purchase everything they need in one place.

The overall app simplifies the tea brewing process or provides tips on making the perfect cup of tea. The app also tracks and monitors the brewing process so users can get the most consistent results.

Collaborating with ValueCoders, the client expected a feature-rich and interactive ecommerce section to help the customers purchase the tea and other supplies the customers need for their machine.

Project Requirements

Along with developing the eCommerce platform, the project was to test the images, functionality, and the whole look and feel of the application on different mobile devices with different screen sizes because a user can have different screen sizes of the mobile device.

The app works with the physical device Teplo with many configurations, like it detects room temperature and noise in the room has sensors to detect body temperature and some other settings for making different teas.

The app works on these settings, brew the tea using the BLE command, and shows the real-time brew progress with different animations. It has an e-commerce section where users can purchase different types of tea on their platform.


Type Of User

End User

Key challenges

Key Challenges Solutions
The challenge was related to the design and animation. No package was found wrt the designs and animation, so everything depended on self-research. We solved the problem by making a custom widget for items that did not have a particular package to match the UI.
There were issues with the responsiveness of some widgets. We resolved the issue by using mediaquery of the flutter material class.


We successfully built the e-commerce component of the client’s application making sure that customers had everything they needed to make their shopping experience seamless. From managing orders and subscriptions to shopping carts, we catered to their needs by providing them with an eCommerce store specifically tailored for this purpose!

Developing a Seamless E-Commerce Platform
Developing a Seamless E-Commerce Platform
Developing a Seamless E-Commerce Platform
Developing a Seamless E-Commerce Platform
Developing a Seamless E-Commerce Platform
Developing a Seamless E-Commerce Platform
Developing a Seamless E-Commerce Platform

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