Donation Management Software

This is a web-based CRM tool that can be used on any browser, free from any installation on the system. This is the one-stop solution mainly developed to manage the complete donor profile, donation transactions, events, calling, user management, and finance. To use this software, users (fundraiser/supervisors/managers/executives/admin) have to provide login credentials as then only they will be able to use it. Moreover, using this CRM, users will be able to manage their menu access for donation transaction management.

Technology Used:
  • SQL Server

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Key challenges

  • To provide an all-in-one complete CRM solution on an online platform for managing the donor profile, donation transaction, and other activities which are distributed in multiple software earlier.
  • To develop an intuitive and scalable platform that is fault-tolerant and offers a seamless experience to the fundraisers.
  • To develop a web-based online CRM tool ( which was previously an offline platform).
  • To develop an easy login process.

Solution Implementation

  • We used various systems which support multiple features of current software (which are in use on the client-side).
  • We offered a secure way so that all the user’s logins can be managed and operated from any device.
  • We created a module based on the web platform. This can be further enhanced to the mobile app platform for future use.
  • We incorporated the User ID and Email verification process with the platform to verify the user profiles.


We created a leading multi-functional CRM that anyone on the web portal can easily assess. Moreover, the software designed by us was liked by our client. View the app screen screenshots below:

Donation Management Software
Donation Management Software

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