Ecommerce Customer Activity Tracking System

It is the idea of developing a Product to provide support and quality service to retail customers. The product made it possible by maintaining, synchronizing data between counterpoints(CP) and e-commerce websites like Woo-Commerce, Shopify and Magento in a bi-directional way. The product is built with all security aspects where it maintains authentication and permission access for different users concerning different objects.

Project Type: B2B, Retail Industry, Web Application

Technology Used:
  • cloud9
  • SQL

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Key challenges

  • Code Refactoring and achieving the solution with defined time interval considering all dynamic objects.
  • Working on different CMS simultaneously to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Synchronizing data between counterpoint & different CMS.

Solution Implementation

  • Use of Entity framework to remove in-line queries.
  • Data sent in an encrypted form containing key with it and at the receiver-end, decrypted with the same key.


The result was to deliver a platform meeting the client expectations and making ease in maintaining the platform with the created Webconnect bridge. The platform makes it easy to perform and monitor user activity and make everything live on the customer front.

 Web Application Features:

Ecommerce  Customer Activity Tracking System
Ecommerce  Customer Activity Tracking System
Ecommerce  Customer Activity Tracking System

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