eLearning Portal

The intelligent platform to have seamless communication which helps individuals and nations to identify and develop the knowledge and skills that drive better jobs and better lives, generate prosperity, and promote social inclusion. The teachings would assist individuals in seeing the world objectively. They came up with an idea to develop an informative application to gain awareness about the services provided by the Ed Institute.

Key Challenges

-> To develop a great platform to ease doctors’ communication with paramedics via audio, video, and chat to get early treatment.
-> Learning in the real world is only focused on curriculum grasping things. Still, Ed Institute wants to work on skills that inspire participants to connect to authentic challenges while also sharpening their expertise.
-> To develop an advanced platform where young people who predominantly suffer from cyberbullying, disinformation, isolation, abuse, and radicalization can overcome those problems.
-> They want to focus on teaching students how to convert the primary and usually intangible specifications into tangible and practical skills to help them create a meaningful prototype that solves a real-life problem in the most acceptable way.

Our Solutions

Understanding the core objectives, ValueCoders develops a platform to help understand the vision, learning outcomes, and impact. Educators of Ed Institute will then work with students/professionals to co-design a curriculum that will inspire, engage, and build skills ready for the economy and the challenges of our emerging future.
It will help to transform education and create the next generation of ethical, impactful people.
Digital life through the Ed curriculum assists young people to use their creativity and leading-edge design thinking and systems theory to tackle a cyber threat.
Valuecoders implemented a platform where schools develop a design to encourage healthy eating, community organizations enabling young people to build their businesses, and youth using the tools to overcome racism and domestic violence challenges. The learning teaches real-world, work-focused skills that inspire participants to connect to authentic challenges while honing their abilities.