Electronic Signature Application

Our client had a brilliant idea - an eSign application that simplifies document authentication and eliminates paper expenses. We delivered beyond their expectations by offering a feature-packed application that helps companies sign essential documents digitally.

Technology Used:
  • .NET
  • Azure SQL
  • Jquery
  • SQL

Project Synopsis

The primary objective of the ESign project is to build a tool that can help customers to digitally sign important business-relevant documents without the need of applying signatures manually on them.

This application is required to be developed applications to provide access to corporate clients needing their vital documents to be signed digitally without the need to sign them physically. Users will be given functionality to procure divergent plans based on which customers will be charged further.

Associating with ValueCoders, the client expects a feature-rich, user-friendly web application to assist related clients in signing work and getting signed copies of documents for their further tasks. The application must also make calls of relevant webhook URLs to provide imperative details of user actions in our application to trace details.

Project Requirements

This application is divided into three modules:

  • Admin
  • Customer
  • Recipient

Recipients are clients of our customer users who will sign the required documents identified by the customer user. Recipient users will be given three options for placing their signatures, as listed below.

  • Uploading image of signature
  • Choice of Typed version
  • Using Signature pad

Customer users will be given an API on which they need to make calls with data comprising a base64 string of documents in specified format with relevant recipient details who are required to sign the documents. As per the current setup, the customer will use a postman to make this API call, which will be given a module to upload the document and make an API call from the user interface.

The admin module is responsible for tackling all administrative work.

Admin Module Functionality:

  • User Management
  • Customer settings Management
  • Customer Plan Management
  • Invoice management
  • Statistics Module (Highlighting details in charts)

Customer Module Functionality:

  • Customer plan creation and modification
  • Customer settings
  • Documents view
  • Sending URL to Recipients
  • Renew customer plan

Recipient Module Functionality:

  • Applying signatures on requested documents
  • Declining the signing process by giving a valid reason for the same.

Type Of Uers

  • Admin
  • Customers
  • Recipients

Project Flow

  • Admin users will set relevant authorization tokens for relevant customer users.
  • Customers will make API calls with specific tokens to submit the documents to get clients’ signatures.
  • Recipients will receive emails comprising URLs to be clicked further to redirect to a page where they can place their signature.
  • Each customer can see filtered relevant data and is confined to seeing other customer details.
  • Each customer is also allowed to edit relevant data.

Key challenges

Key Challenge Solution
Corporate customers need to spend more effort and money to allow their clients to perform signing in relevant documents. ValueCoders is structuring the database and application so that all manual work of providing documents to clients and having their signatures will be eliminated, allowing clients to do all these operations digitally.

Solution Implementation

Agile Development Proces
A team of the expert app and database developers brainstormed to put it all together under a wireframe to deliver to the client and user’s expectations, keeping in mind the end business goal.
Business Goal: A fast, budget-friendly way of allowing corporate clients to have digital signatures from their customers on certain imperative documents.

It does not require a recipient to get physical copies of documents from respective corporate customers, instead, soft copies of documents will be submitted by clients in the application and recipients can get the relevant URLs to click further and apply their relevant signatures.
To achieve this, a robust architecture is designed to provide subscription & permission-based access to different users.



Electronic Signature Application
Electronic Signature Application
Electronic Signature Application
Electronic Signature Application
Electronic Signature Application
Electronic Signature Application

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