Entertainment Application Re-development

A Dubai-based entertainment company approached us to redevelop its website with the latest technologies and functionalities. As a result, users can browse all artists, content, and services without registering but can create a login to save profiles and receive notifications. Artists can create and manage their profiles.

Technology Used:
  • Nodejs
  • React Native

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Project Synopsis

Our client approached us to revamp their website with a modern and visually appealing design, incorporating the latest technology for easy website management. The website needed to be user-friendly, give visitors a glimpse into the company’s image, and the ability to manage content and images effortlessly.

Our team integrated elastic search for improved functionality and a new search feature for identifying potential artists. The project aims to provide users with easy navigation of artists, content, and services through the website. Our solution has empowered our client to easily manage all their services, artist profiles, and content.

Project Requirements


The objective was to redevelop and design a contemporary and visually appealing website that incorporated the latest technologies for easy information management. AngularJS and React JS were suggested as the front-end and back-end frameworks, respectively, with MongoDB serving as the database. The website was designed to be user-friendly, allowing easy navigation, content and image management, artist search, and talent showcase. The inclusion of elastic search enhanced the user experience and facilitated efficient search functionality. Users could freely access all the services and content without the need for registration. Additionally, the admin had complete control over artist verification, content management, sub-admin management, reviews and ratings, roles, and permissions.

  • Technology Stack: AngularJS, React JS, and MongoDB were utilized for front-end, back-end, and database, respectively.
  • User-friendly Features: Easy navigation, content and image management, artist search, and talent showcase.
  • Elastic Search Integration: Enhanced search functionality and improved user experience.
  • Admin Control: Complete platform management, including artist verification, content management, and user inquiries.

This collaboration with ValueCoders resulted in a successful website revamp, providing a seamless and engaging entertainment experience for users.

Type of Users

  • End User
  • Artist
  • Content Manager
  • Admin

Key challenges

The project timeline was very strict as per the deliverables. The client’s requirements were complex, as they expected a WordPress counterpart in less than three weeks. We met the milestone within the timeframe by dividing the task into mini milestones. Effective communication and accountability among the team played a crucial role in meeting the target.
Managing a content management system using MySQL database was quite a complex & tedious task as the requirement was to manage 18000 artists on the platform. We researched various CMS and their architecture to build our application from scratch. Using NextJS for front-end, we implemented server-side rendering as per client’s requirement.
To develop an intuitive and scalable, fault-tolerant module that offers users a seamless experience. We were able to satisfy the challenging requirement through significant technology. Our team developed a bug-free module with all implemented/requested features.

Solution Implementation


In this application, the user will be able to register and make inquiries about the artist.

End User

  • Users can freely navigate the website without logging in.
  • Popup appears for first-time users to select a purpose: talent search or artist registration.
  • User redirected based on choice, popup collects basic info and interests.
  • Users can explore listed services and inquire via email to the administrator.
  • Elastic search-based tool for searching artists using criteria or keywords.
  • User info stored in cache for future reference.
  • Artist pages contain videos, pictures, and text.
  • Wishlist creation without account.
  • Ability to follow artists on social media.


  • First-time artists will see an onboarding popup like regular users.
  • Artists fill out a basic onboarding form that is saved for future reference.
  • Artists are then redirected to a registration form with predefined inputs and a secure login panel with OTP authentication (this is only for artists).
  • Artists can register, fill in relevant information through a predefined form, upload videos and photos, and manage their profiles.
  • Admin approval is required before the artist’s profile goes live for users to review.
  • Artists can update their profiles by adding content about their latest performance.
  • Artists cannot accept inquiries from users but can manage their profile page.
  • Artists can search for other artists and check their profiles.
  • Artists can register for notifications and updates.

Content Manager

  • The content manager can securely log in to the system.
  • They can update new content according to the category it belongs to.
  • They will upload all the necessary details for managing the content on the website.
  • The content manager can link uploaded content to relevant artists.


  • The website administrator has secure login access.
  • They can update service information, relevant videos, and pictures as needed.
  • The administrator approves artist profile pages before going live on the website.
  • The administrator can manage artist profiles and update relevant information as needed.
  • The administrator can upload pictures and videos related to artists.
  • Artist profiles can be easily searched, updated, or deleted by the administrator.
  • The administrator can manage meta tags and other landing page content.
  • Banner pictures and videos can be changed by the administrator as needed.
  • Some artist profiles can be marked as feature profiles for the homepage.
  • Latest event information can be uploaded to the homepage or other relevant pages.
  • The administrator tags profiles to support elastic search.


We were able to satisfy the challenging requirement through significant technology. It not only helps us deliver but also helps our team to evolve enormously. Our incredible determination led us to develop a bug-free module with all implemented features per the scope of work. As a final complete product, it serves as an entertainment website where users can register and make inquiries by searching the artist and viewing the listed artist and content categories.



The architecture design document describes the components and specifications required to support the solution and ensures that the design’s specific business and technical requirements are satisfied. This part of the document states the business goals and the goals of the solution. The web browser allows users to interact with the web functions developed with HTML/CSS. The web application server handles the central hub that supports business logic and multi-layer application developed using NodeJS. The database server offers business logic and relevant info/data that the server stores and manages. It stores, retrieves, and provides the information.



The implementation of our enhanced entertainment application has delivered impressive outcomes:

  • Improved User Engagement: Users now enjoy a seamless experience, easily exploring artists, content, and services, resulting in increased interactions within the application.
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction: Users appreciate the user-friendly features and hassle-free access to artist profiles and content, leading to higher satisfaction levels.
  • Increased Artist Participation: Artists are drawn to the application thanks to the ability to create and manage profiles and upload content, resulting in diverse offerings.
  • Expanded User Base: The option for users to register and personalize their experience attracts a growing number of registered users, enabling features like wishlists and notifications.
  • Streamlined Content Discovery: Users can effortlessly find relevant artists and explore content categories, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable content discovery process.

Our enhanced entertainment application has achieved significant results, including improved user engagement, enhanced satisfaction, increased artist participation, an expanded user base, and streamlined content discovery.

Entertainment Application Re-development
Entertainment Application Re-development
Entertainment Application Re-development

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