Hair and Beauty App

The client wanted to introduce a new feature - a quiz - to help users select the product for their specific needs. The platform allows users to answer questions by clicking on their scalp and hair images.

Technology Used:
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Jquery
  • PHP

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Project Synopsis

The primary goal was to integrate a quiz feature that empowers users to make informed product choices. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive order management, user profiles, and order status updates for clients.

Additionally, the app will suggest a user-friendly product customized per the customers’ needs.

Project Requirements

The core requirement is to make the new functionality of the quiz to help users select the product in their own way and appropriate manner.

The functionality of the quiz is to add the question by clicking the image of the scalp and the hair. We have also integrated the API for this so that we can desire the products after the quiz compilation.

Hair & Skin Scanner App

Another requirement is the AI integration with PHP and the AI implementation with the hair scanner. The app has the filter description according to the hair type and hair code, including:

  • Selection of Gender
  • Selection of Hair category
  • UI/UX fixes
  • Some minor functionality issues on the website

Type of Users

  • Professionals
  • Admin
  • Buyers

Project Flow


  • Log in securely to the administrative system.
  • Manage user accounts, distinguishing between customers, professionals, and staff.
  • Review and oversee listings to ensure accuracy and relevance within the hair and beauty industry.
  • Access comprehensive data and generate reports on platform utilization, user engagement, and outcomes of applications.
  • Configure and oversee push notifications and email alerts for all users.
  • Organize and supervise promotional campaigns, referral programs, and discounts to enhance user experience.
  • Address and resolve any technical issues or user concerns promptly and efficiently.


  • Create a personal account on the hair and beauty platform.
  • Establish a detailed profile incorporating personal information, preferences, and desired services.
  • Browse an array of hair and beauty professionals based on specialization, location, and availability.
  • Book appointments with preferred professionals for specific services and time slots.
  • Receive timely notifications regarding appointment confirmations, reminders, and updates from professionals.
  • Utilize the app’s messaging system to communicate directly with chosen professionals for any queries or special requests.


  • Access a secure login system for registered hair and beauty professionals.
  • Create and manage a professional profile showcasing expertise, services, pricing, and availability.
  • Receive and manage customer appointment requests, with the option to accept or propose an alternate time.
  • Utilize the messaging system to communicate directly with clients regarding appointment details or special requests.
  • Showcase portfolios, certifications, and achievements on the professional profile for enhanced credibility.
  • Access and manage customer reviews and ratings to maintain a positive professional reputation.
  • Participate in virtual events and webinars to stay updated on industry trends and techniques.

Key challenges

Key Challenge Solution
AI integration with PHP The Integration part was difficult for our team. We faced certain challenges on the integration part.
Quiz This is a bit new for the quiz since we integrated the AI tool into this.

Solution Implementation

Solution Implemented

The client as for a straightforward process for their website. We integrated the following:

  • First, customers have to click the picture of the image of hair and the picture of the scalp.
  • Then, after selecting all the quizzes, they can select the product.
  • The product listing is as per the quiz filled on the sheet.
  • In this way, customers can select the product.


The architecture design document describes the components and specifications required to support the solution and ensures that the design’s specific business and technical requirements are satisfied. This part of the document states the business goals and the goals of the solution.

The web browser permits the player to interact with the functions of the web and is developed with HTML/CSS. The web application server handles the central hub that supports business logic and multi-layer applications developed using Laravel and Code PHP. The database server offers business logic and relevant info/data that the server stores and manages. It stores, retrieves, and provides the information.


ValueCoders were able to satisfy the challenging requirement through significant technology.  Our great determination led us to develop a bug-free module with all implemented features as per the scope of work.

As a final product, it served as an add-on feature and upgradation, which made the application user-friendly. The app comprises of:

  • Users can take a photo of their hair and scalp. Afterward, they’ll be prompted with questions about hair thickness, pattern, texture, and any previously used chemical treatments like hair color.
  • Once all the answers in the quiz are provided, the app suggests the best suitable products for hair.

Hair and Beauty App

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