Group of Construction Applications

It is a Group of Database applications that function seamlessly together and explicitly designed for the construction industry. It is built on Caspio and using its database. It's a portal for a construction company. From this portal, top-level management (Admin, Supervisors) can manage all the things. JEMs is a suite of web-based and mobile applications designed for small to medium-sized businesses with Safety and Productivity in mind. It is widely spread from maintaining legal compliance with safety regulations in your jurisdiction, managing Employee records to simple Project Management.

Technology Used:
  • caspio tools

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Key challenges

  • Updating data in Caspio’s table as well as logging details at the same data for another section in the Project was one of the challenges.
  • Caspio Platform does not support triggered actions more than one nested level & we had already utilized the triggered actions to its full extent.
  • Saving data for later to edit or save and continue to next Page was another challenge as Caspio only provides a single submit button which can not be modified to be used for a different purpose.

Solution Implementation

  • To resolve the first issue, We have added the “Change” button in the Front-end HTML. We used this button for a modal element. This modal element was then used to make changes in another table created especially to log the Start Date of every user.
  • We used a Triggered Action to transfer and update the same data in the Caspio’s table.
  • To resolve the second challenge, we manually created two update buttons using Java Script with two different functionality, i.e., save and edit later or Save and continue.


The end product we delivered is the successful software consisting of multiple applications that are tailor-fit to our client’s requirements and readily accessible anywhere.

Group of Construction Applications
Group of Construction Applications
Group of Construction Applications

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