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Lipchain Blockchain Solution

This app gives access to the global surfing and sailing community & the useful tools for selecting an athlete for sponsership and also securing the deals via smart contracts. It is developed for surfers and sailors to post their photos and videos. Using this app, the broader community votes for the best surfer & athletes earn tokens for their content from sponsers.

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  • Angular
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • iOS

Technologies Used

  • Angular
  • Angular 2
  • Blockchain
  • BlockCypher
  • Exchange
  • JWTtoken
  • Payment Gateway

Key Challenges

  • To construct an inland wave pool for year round training purpose.
  • To launch an app on the Lipchain blockchain and get paid for surfing.
  • The client was not having much technical knowledge so we had a detailed discussion and helped the client to build his business logic for this app.

Our Solutions

Our expert team of blockchain developers understood the technical details of this project, reviewed other websites and started working on the necessary areas of this project at first. This application works in the following ways:

  • Users buy LIPS tokens with crypto to pay for services from his wallet
  • Paid LIPS tokens are sent to the smart contract
  • 60% of tokens to pay for the services actually delivered to the user
  • All token holders can sell LIPS tokens for a cryptocurrency

As a result, it came out as the robust and efficient blockchain solution which contributes to the happiness of various surfers.

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