Logistics Pick Direct Web Application | Client Case Studies

Covid-19 Update: Our entire team is working remotely. We expect no disruptions in our services.

Covid-19 Update: We expect no disruptions in our services.

Logistics Pick Direct Web Application

This Web app deals in the logistics business. Orange Web delivers urgent deliveries of parcels, folds, and pallets. These deliveries by courier meet the requests of the movement of goods and documents. The project is all about logistics. One can create a shipment to deliver stuff from one place to another.

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Technologies Used

  • ASP.Net

Key Challenges

  • The challenge was to design architecture and complete design for the system as the system is complex and individual stakeholders had specialized interests.

Our Solutions

  • We have developed the software architecture & design of the system in terms of multiple views or perspectives i.e. Logical View, development view, process view & Use Case view.

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