Money transfer application

Clients Requirements: This Payment Application is a Hybrid (iOS and Android) Mobile Application. Users will be able to transfer money instantly in different countries of Africa based on their exchange rates. The users will be allowed to register and log in and get their ID verified first. Users have to scan their ID documents and submit them. Once the ID is verified by Admin, the User will proceed with the send money process.  The user will select the sender’s country and the recipient’s country, enter the amount that the user wants to transfer. Based on the exchange rate of money transfer between those two countries, the recipient's amount will be shown to the recipient user. To proceed with the send money process, the User will enter the recipient bank account details, sender's bank account details and complete the transaction. Clients want this send money process to happen instantly so that users don't have to wait for that. Users will also check their transaction history; they can add and save the recipient details.

Technology Used:
  • Android
  • IOS

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Key challenges

  • To develop an application through which User can transfer money without any hassle and the receiver should be able to receive money instantly.
  • To develop an application which is secure, and User friendly.

Solution Implementation

  • To understand the business objectives and ensure that the overall design and platform were aligned with them, we conducted a case study research program to understand the need for the product and the key challenges faced by the customers.


We can understand the requirements correctly in the discovery phase. We still have to understand the bank role and bank procedure in Africa to develop the application and make the money transfer process instant.

Money transfer application
Money transfer application
Money transfer application

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