Dairy Farmer Assistant Application

Mooofarm farmer has a mission "To make Farmers Prosperous.” The client came with an idea to develop an application for the Dairy farmer. The goal of the Mooofarm applications are to empower our Dairy Farmers.

Technology Used:
  • Android
  • Nodejs
  • React Native

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Key challenges

  • To understand the farmer’s problems on ground level.
  • UI/UX should be farmer-friendly.
  • Size of the app.
  • The application should run in a slow network.
  • Make the availability of expert vat doctor by 24/7

Solution Implementation

  • To understand the farmer’s problems on the ground level, the client made a ground-level team. The team directly interacting with the farmers (one-to-one interaction) notes the problems that farmers are facing.
  • There is a customer support team as well. CS team is an expert to talk with the farmers in the farmer’s local language, and the team tried to solve the farmer’s problem on their end, which is beneficial to tech and the product team to plan a new feature or improve the existing features.
  • The product team analyzes the ground team’s and the customer support team’s data. Prepares a document based on their analysis and adds on the improvements or a feature.
  • The size of the application always plays an essential role in an application. To reduce the app size, we tried to manage the third-party libraries or creates some libraries to make sure the app size should not be increase.
  • To provide a vat doctor 24/7 is a challenging task because any urgency of a vat doctor took almost 2-3 hours (more than that). Then app feature is called “E-Dairy Mitra” was introduced. If the farmer needs a doctor, They can directly connect with the doctor (video call/audio call).


    Mooofarm App is a never-ending application. It needs to be more updates, more features, and more farmer-friendly.

Dairy Farmer Assistant Application
Dairy Farmer Assistant Application

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