Online board game application

To create a web app (Board Game) and a mobile app (Pocket game). PG is a smaller version of BG. In the pocket game, there is no board present. They roll the dice and select the deck of cards based on the number of dice, and they will see the text related to that deck in the card. They can read it, and based on their playing intention, they can relate to themselves with the card text. While in, inboard game, it is more complex. It involves a playing piece for each player. Which rotates on the board, and they will get the option to select the card from the deck after rolling the dice. The coach and other players can see the playing pieces moving on the board in real-time and the selected cards by other players.

Technology Used:
  • Firebase
  • Flutter
  • HTML

Key Challenges

  • To rotate pieces on board and show the whole game to other players and coach in real-time.

Our Solutions

  • We used Firebase Firestore and created nodes for each game.
  • The changes in the node are then observed in each player screen and coach screen.

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