Online Clothing Fashion Application

A client approached to develop e-commerce-ready, on-model imagery with customization options like garment pairing, model styling etc. We helped them cut down the overall production cost by up to 60%.

Technology Used:
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JAVA
  • React JS
  • Typescript

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Project Synopsis

This online clothing fashion app is an ideal solution for business owners in the clothing industry seeking to increase their online presence. Using this app, they simply provide their products and clothing details so that our team provides a professional product photoshoot using various models, styles, and image angle options in the developed application. In the customer panel, the respective app owner provides details of the product that he is supposed to send to the team. In return, he is given a good amount of choices for the desired product shoot.

Using this application, the user needs to just upload on-mannequin product images and they can further download images of models of their choice to display their clothing. It helps business owners market their products online anywhere in the world using the best product display.

This web application also provides a manager portal to help the team to segregate the clients assigned to a particular manager. It helps managers to keep good track of their customer’s orders.

Project Requirement

The client wanted us to develop an eCommerce application that can showcase their products/clothes in high-quality images. So, we started to build a web application that removes the need for a traditional model shoot process. We have infused intelligence into the app to digitize the eCommerce assets and automate the process.

In the app, our developers enable model diversity to showcase the user’s physical garment products on different size models. This application can help boost your sales revenue and decrease overall operational costs.

Type Of Users

  • Online Shoppers
  • Retailers
  • eCommerce business owners

Key challenges

Key Challenges Solutions
To develop an app through which users can create their product photoshoots with ease. Developed a web & mobile application view for easy access
To develop an eCommerce app through which managers can see their customers and orders. It will help them monitor the shooting status. Developed a manager portal that allows them to review their client’s orders
To develop a secure and user-friendly application Created a simple and easy user interface for a better customer experience.

Solution Implementation

To understand the client’s objectives and ensure that the overall web & mobile app design, platform, and development are aligned with them. We go through the user story, and study thoroughly to understand the need for the product and the key challenges faced by the customers.


We helped our client to develop an eCommerce application with technological innovations to aid them in selling their products online, offering promotions, and interacting with customers in real time.

Online Clothing Fashion Application
Online Clothing Fashion Application
Online Clothing Fashion Application
Online Clothing Fashion Application
Online Clothing Fashion Application
Online Clothing Fashion Application
Online Clothing Fashion Application
Online Clothing Fashion Application

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