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Online Hotels & Flights Booking App

It is a hotel, flights or rental cars comparison website. It’s search engine get flight, car rentals or hotels detail from different websites and provides ideal deals as per user requirement.

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  • .NET
  • HTML5 & Bootstrap
  • Logistics & Transportation

Technologies Used

  • ASP.Net
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Jquery
  • MVC 5
  • SQL server 2012
  • Visual Basic
  • Web Api

Key Challenges

Our client is a recognized name in the travel and hospitality industry. They offer a full range of travel and travel packages for different types of customers throughout Iceland. His website was of a previous static nature and was only useful for getting contact details and could not provide all the functionalities that they required. Therefore, they planned to develop an electronic store that is capable of quickly loading and providing customers with a better experience. That’s why they hired ValueCoders in the first place. In addition, they wanted to add some features along with the development process.

When we were hired, the following requirements were provided:

  • Convert the existing static website to an interactive e-commerce portal.
  • Integrate third-party payment systems and build an online payment portal.
  • Obtaining data from local search engines and Google sheets.

When developing the website, we face the following main challenges:

  • Make the web portal fast and capable of handling heavy traffic.
  • Synchronization of data from the local search engine to the database of the website.
  • Access the agent data of the Google sheets.

However, we overcome the challenges with our technical experience. The first site was slow to load due to its data collection system. We did a separate indexing of wise years using the SQL table partitioning algorithm that facilitated obtaining data from the server in less time. We did structural mapping with JSON Api and synchronized with the local search engine to facilitate access to the data. We apply a customized online / offline synchronization process for better job scheduling. In addition, we call Google Api to obtain data from the agent on the Google sheet.

Our Solutions

ValueCoders has to revamp the complete website in order to meet the specific requirements the client had. First of all, we analysed the former website in order to check the functionalities. We understood the changes required to be made and fixed the timeline. First of all we decided to redesign the complete website. When it was done, we redesigned the entire database structure using SQL Server 2012. When the client was satisfied with the designs, we started our development process with MVC 5 and jQuery.

After the site was developed, it was time for migrating the old database with the new one. The 3rd party payment integration was done. We added a few amazing functionalities like putting special features for the differently abled travellers, adding options for making it a customised tour and more. Overall, our developers at ValueCoders build a fast loading, high graphics eCommerce site that ensured high revenue and better customer experience.

Flexible approach to customer relationship building enabled our team to become an intrinsic part of the company’s IT department. Working over the same piece of code, the unified team never stops communicating, holding every-day video conferences and organizing regular on-site business trips.

There were were a few major parts in the project which was skillfully handled by the talented development team at ValueCoders. This is how we implemented this portal.

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