Online Medical Services

This is a platform that provides online medical services in the Eastern Province based on the most recent medical science and technology advances at a reasonable price. Clients wanted to create a separate backend application for API mapping for auto-registration to InstaIMS on register using JotForms .

Technology Used:
  • Java 8
  • MySQL

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Key challenges

  • The application needed scheduler for automatic registration.
  • Time Zone Difference – JotForms provides a different time zone than InstaIMS.
  • Auto registration using JotForms to InstaIMS using Practo APIs.

Solution Implementation

Requirement Analysis:

  • It basically included Information gathering from clients and documenting the same. We were required to follow the SMART rule for creating the documentation which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound steps. Once the document is finalized, the wireframes are created, which act as a blueprint defining the look and feel of the platform with respect to all functionalities.

Designing Phase:

  • After wireframes get finalized, UI developer design every single module along with theme colour. Every module is interlinked with functionality having some dummy data in use.

Execution Phase:

  • As per designs, the backend developer develops all the initials APIs and frontend developers developer integrate all available APIs with best practices making dynamic to all the screens.

Client Request Based Project Delivery:

  • Developers were involved in discussion with clients on a daily basis and follow their suggestions and in case of any feasibility challenge developers suggested the alternative solution. And trying clients to be in the same phase. Clients also mention the Zoho and assign the task to developers as per the priority. This process helps us to meet the client’s expectations in the best possible manner and ensure the timely delivery of the tasks.

The Deployment Phase:

  • After integration or completion of any task that is mentioned on Zoho, we did unit testing on a local machine and merge with develop branch.


The platform is successfully deployed and the client was able to share its vision of autonomy, liberty, and responsibility, as well as its flagship legislative proposal which is the introduction of a backend application that provides an automatic registration platform.

Online Medical Services
Online Medical Services
Online Medical Services

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