Online Tutoring Web App

The website allows students to hire tutors online. With the help of this website students are able to Search, View, Select, and Hire tutors as per requirements.The application is revolutionary for the education segment where students and teachers can connect with each other. The payment gateways allow students to pay online for the tutors as selected.

Technology Used:
  • Angular 6
  • Code Optimization
  • Code Security
  • Java8
  • MySQL

Key Challenges

  • Being a new product , the overall development should be done while considering the factors that there is no existing user base in the market which can be pitched to the old users.
  • Most of the traditional tutor hiring processes are based on offline system. Students are not much dependent on web based system in order to search and hire preferred tutors for their preferred categories.

Our Solutions

Our expert team of web app developers understood the technicalities of the project by reviewing other websites and have started working on the necessary areas of this project at first. This web application provide the following solutions to the clients:

  • Phase wise deployment was planned so as to achieve market penetration.
  • During the product development stage, we have helped our clients by providing periodic demonstrations so that the complete product development journey can be sighted.

Work speaks louder than words

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