Diversion Management Web App

The application allows various companies to log in and manage diversed entries. There will be State Auditors who will be using this application in order to audit the entered diversions.

Technology Used:
  • Angular 6
  • Code Optimization
  • Code Security
  • Java8
  • MySQL

Key Challenges

  • A system that should be user friendly and have the required functionalities for each user.
  • Client-side should be strong and able to manage requirements promptly
  • The biggest priority was to make the Web app successful, it has to build interest among the end users.

Our Solutions

Our expert team of web app developers understood the technicalities of the project by reviewing other websites and have started working on the necessary areas of this project at first. The web application provides the following solutions to the clients:

  • Our Team wasin the process of developing the requested tool as per the expected scope and suggested enhancements based on weekly discussions and demonstration sessions.
  • We developed an application with interactive and simple UI keeping in mind the user-friendly navigation with the latest industry practices.

Work speaks louder than words

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