Sales Competency Analysis

The web solution is developed to access general sales competency. It measures the overall sales expertise in relation to a reference group that consists of a group of successful salespeople. The scientifically developed app has an analysis of the potential salespeople as compared with an average in the reference group. It has been based on a reference group of 2500 salespeople. Moreover, the sales skills represented by Z-scores.

Technology Used:
  • .NET
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • MVC 5
  • Visual Basic
  • Web Api

Key challenges

  • The client was not so much technical so we had a detailed discussion and helped the client to build his sales competency logic.
  • Client-side should be focusing on various challenges and demands faced by such businesses today.
  • We suggested some features to enhance this sales competency solution.

Solution Implementation

Our expert team of web developers understood the technical details of the project, reviewed other websites and started working on the necessary areas of the project at first. The web solution provides the following solutions:

  • General sales competence that includes success orientation, practical orientation, goal motivation, continuity, and big picture orientation.
  • Distinct tendency farmer includes customer-focused communication, relationship management and sense of responsibility.
  • Distinct tendency hunter includes proactivity, process focus, and assertiveness.

As a result, it came out as the robust and efficient web solution to strengthen goal-awareness in the planning and implementation of sales strategies.


The final web solution is a high performance, easy-to-use, feature-rich which does more in terms of sales goals, visualize long-term objectives and realize concrete milestones in everyday business. Not only it has been appreciated by the customers but has been recognized by various businesses. It consists of the following features:

Sales Competency Analysis
Sales Competency Analysis
Sales Competency Analysis

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