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Discover how ValueCoders partnered with a visionary client to revolutionize the traditional retail and wholesale landscape with a groundbreaking Flutter-based mobile application. This innovative solution empowers retailers and wholesalers to establish a robust online presence with minimal cost.

Technology Used:
  • Flutter
  • Laravel
  • PHP

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Project Synopsis

The client came up with an idea to build a mobile application tailored to the needs of retailers, wholesalers, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our team communicated and understood the client’s requirements.

We created an app that redefines business initiation by offering a zero-capital entry, supporting small business owners, students, and even housewives. The platform seamlessly integrates buyers and sellers, fostering a dynamic ecosystem with innovative features.

Key Features:

  • Universal Access: The platform welcomes diverse user profiles, catering to small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and established business individuals.
  • Dual Role Capability: Users can effortlessly switch between being a buyer and a seller, fostering a versatile business environment.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: It operates on a 5% seller fee, with 2% returned as loyalty points (Dot) to the buyer, ensuring a fair and transparent transaction model.
  • Extensive Product Catalog: With over 2000 product categories and 500 service categories, the application simplifies product searching and ensures buyers a vast array of options.
  • Dynamic Request System: Buyers can create requests with specific requirements, images, and budget constraints, engaging sellers within a 50km radius for competitive options.

Project Requirements

The platform aspires to break barriers and make entrepreneurship accessible to all in Qatar. Catering to a diverse user base, from small business owners to students and housewives, it is designed to provide comprehensive support and create a thriving business ecosystem. The project requirements encompass a rich array of features:

  • Dual Role Functionality: Users can seamlessly switch between buyer and a seller, accommodating a wide spectrum of business needs.
  • Transparent Transaction Model: A 5% seller fee ensures fairness, with 2% returned to the buyer as loyalty points (Dot), fostering trust and loyalty within the platform.
  • Extensive Product and Service Categories: Over 2000 product categories (HSN codes) and 500 service categories (SAC codes) simplify product searching, offering a diverse range of options.
  • Dynamic Request System: Buyers can create detailed requests, set budget constraints, and engage sellers or favorite sellers within a 50km radius, promoting competitive options.
  • Efficient Order Management: An automated order system streamlines the process, canceling all other requests once a buyer finalizes an order with a seller, ensuring clarity and efficiency.
  • GST Integration and Compliance: The platform seamlessly integrates GST, providing users with compliant invoices for easy tax returns.
  • Flexible Return and Refund Policies: It accommodates easy returns, refunds, and replacements, fostering a user-friendly and trustworthy environment.
  • Innovative Group Features: Buyers and sellers can form or join groups, unlocking cash rewards and opportunities for expanding their business networks.
  • Inclusive Employment Opportunities: Students and the unemployed can kickstart part-time businesses by becoming registered delivery agents, fostering inclusivity and economic empowerment.
  • Location-Based Preferences: It prioritizes local sellers, enhancing community engagement and supporting businesses based on the buyer’s device location.

Key challenges

Key Challenges Solutions
Membership Plan Integration 1. Implemented membership plans through Google Play with meticulous planning.
2. Utilized tutorials and guidance from senior members for strategic and seamless execution.
Dynamic Product Range Display 1. Developed a geolocation-based system to showcase products within or outside a 50km radius dynamically.
2. Ensured precision in displaying relevant options based on user location.
Favorite Seller Workflow 1. Enabled users to mark sellers as favorites for streamlined transactions, especially when dealing with out-of-range products.
2. Implemented a user-friendly and intuitive workflow.

Solution Implementation

  • Strategic Planning: Leveraging tutorials from Google and insights from senior members, a strategic plan was devised for membership plan implementation, ensuring a hassle-free process.
  • Console Development: The journey began by configuring membership plans through the console developer and adding test cards for rigorous testing in a staging environment.
  • Geolocation Precision: To address the in-range and out-range product display challenge, the application intelligently captures the user’s location and dynamically adjusts the product listing accordingly.
  • User-Centric Workflow: A thoughtful redirection to the seller detail screen was implemented for out-of-range products, allowing users to seamlessly contact sellers for delivery while marking them as favorites for future transactions.

Navigating these challenges enhanced the app’s functionality and demonstrated a commitment to providing users with a robust and problem-free experience on the platform.


Here are some of the screenshots of our successful completion of the project.

Smart Business Solution Provider
Smart Business Solution Provider

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