Social Networking Platform

It is a German social networking platform, allows users to seek their right partner match with their preferences. It is an established dating agency, specialized in providing a suitable match for a solid partnership. It helps create a loving relationship between partners/friends filled with harmony. The concept of dating is based on the principle of similarity.

Technology Used:
  • Flyway
  • Intellij IDE.
  • Java Mail API
  • Java-8
  • MySQL
  • Spring Boot
  • Tomcat Web Server
  • Vaadin 6
  • Velocity Template

Key Challenges

  • Analysing the existing code, working on finding bugs and fixing them.
  • Finalising new must-have features and Implementing them.
  • Updating existing features.

Our Solutions

  • We worked on the development of custom solutions
  • We took care of complete web application maintenance
  • Deployed build on staging after development

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