TB Connect Application

The TB Connect web application is a blockchain-based Web Application with permissionless access, and anyone with an interest in data and research can access it. There will be a collaboration with the five TB Organizations who can be labs, researchers & healthcare providers. Each network user will act as a node. The users will be provided with the login credentials & they will log in, view their dashboard, view/access the data. The users will be allowed to download the data, give review & ratings to the added data. Users will be able to upload the data by adding the title & description of the data file they are uploading. They will be able to make the data public as well as make that private. They can also share the data with the users they want to share without making that public.

Technology Used:
  • Angular

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your processes
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Key challenges

  • To develop an intuitive and scalable platform that is fault tolerant and offers a seamless experience to the customers/investors.
  • Secure management of documents.

Solution Implementation

  • To understand the business objectives and ensure that the overall design and of the platform was aligned with them, we conducted a case study research program to get an in-depth understanding of the need for the product and the key challenges faced by the customer.
  • Integration with blockchain helped improve the overall customer experience by providing enhanced visibility of the customer’s concerns hence ensuring data security.
  • Comprehensive algorithms were implemented, and several APIs, including Twilio, were integrated to allow users to communicate.
  • We ensured all the vulnerabilities and key security protocols were taken into account while developing the web application.
  • The major application of blockchain in the business world is Smart Contracts. As you can portray from its name, Smart contracts are a sort of self-executing contract where all the terms and conditions from the two parties are written as codes. These codes are then put away on a decentralized blockchain network, making them permanent.
  • To wrap things up, Blockchain technology additionally opens new doors for connecting with a more extensive target audience. The incorporation of blockchain and client commitment deliver different chances and favorable circumstances. This incorporates engaging clients to take control of their personal information, adds the intensity of transparency to the business model, and encourages fast exchanges, just as guarantees entrepreneurs and advertisers recognize faithful clients and build trust.
  • The technology comes with the intensity of decentralization and straightforwardness, which encourages clients to store and confirm a few or the entirety of the data put away in the system. Likewise, the blockchain network accompanies higher complexity and security considerations which drop down the danger of cyberattacks.


We can satisfy the challenging requirement through significant technology(Blockchain). It not only helps us deliver but also helps our team to evolve enormously. The great determination and grit that we possess developed bug-free applications with all implemented features per the scope of work.

TB  Connect Application
TB  Connect Application
TB  Connect Application

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