Traffic violation application

The Mobile application was developed to make the regional traffic violation rules and real time updates easily accessible to people of the Middle East. The application ensures confidentiality and privacy of user's personal data, through a security system.

Technology Used:
  • .NET
  • Android
  • IOS
  • React Native

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Key challenges

  • Security was the most important concern as the application contained confidential information of the citizens of Kuwait.
  • User’s current location has to be tracked in order to provide real time information about the traffic-violation.

Solution Implementation

  • A mobile application was developed for the citizens of Kuwait.
  • The application reflected real-time updates about the transport rules. This was available for all public/guest/logged in users.
  • Users additionally had an ability to register their vehicles on the platform, this was followed by a round of review and approval from the admin the approved users could log In to the platform to view/track the traffic violation activities performed by their registered vehicle & and the applicable fine/penalty.
  • Push notifications were enabled to make real-time tracking convenient for users.


Traffic violation application
Traffic violation application
Traffic violation application

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