Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management

A prominent industry leader sought ValueCoders' expertise to transform their restaurant and supplier management platform. Our expert team delivered results that exceeded their expectations, providing a seamless platform for managing inventory, menus, and suppliers.

Technology Used:
  • Angular 15
  • Ng Prime
  • Typescript

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Project Synopsis

The client needed an ERP solution for its restaurant and supplier’s platform.
The platform offers its clients (users) a range of managed inventory, suppliers, menus, menu items, and stock management.

The web application has a dashboard to manage restaurants and suppliers. The user-friendly application provides a seamless experience for suppliers and customers to manage their inventory.


  • Dashboard: The dashboard provides suppliers and customers (users) with a quick overview of their sales and inventory, including the demand for particular menu items.
  • User login: The platform offers a secure login for suppliers and customers to access their accounts. The login process is simple and requires a username and password.
  • Syndicate management: The platform enables suppliers and customers to create & manage their menus and items.
  • Founders management: Suppliers and customers can create and manage their restaurant and menu items on the platform. The customers have access to the range of suppliers offered by the platform.

Project Requirements

There were several requirements to create the web application per the client’s expectations. These included:

  • User-friendly interface: The platform should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. This was essential to ensure suppliers and customers could manage their stock and menu items.
  • Secure login: The platform should have a secure login to protect supplier and customer data and entries.
  • Real-time investment tracking: The platform should provide suppliers and customers with real-time stock tracking to enable them to make informed decisions.
  • Syndicate management: The platform should allow investors to create and manage their syndicates.
  • Fund management: The platform should have suppliers and customers with various supply chain opportunities

Key challenges

Key Challenges Solution
Maintaining the platform user-friendly and intuitive, with easy navigation and straightforward visual design. The solution was to create a comprehensive dashboard with a clean, modern design and provide user guides and support resources to help users navigate the platform.
Thorough testing to ensure the platform was bugs-free and issues. The solution was implementing a comprehensive testing plan, including manual and automated testing, and conducting regular testing throughout development.

Solution Implementation

  • Dashboard: A comprehensive dashboard that provides suppliers and their customers with a detailed overview of their stock and sales. The dashboard includes vital performance indicators, sales performance, and upcoming customers.
  • User Login: The application requires users to log in with secure authentication protocols to ensure their data remains safe. The login process was implemented using industry-standard protocols.
  • Syndicate Management: The platform allowed syndicate managers to create and manage stock and sales, invite customers to join, and provide regular updates on sales performance and stock management. Syndicate management tools were implemented to allow managers to easily add, remove, or modify menu items and invoices in a syndicate.
  • Investment Opportunities: Users can view the menu items and invoices and details of these menu items and invoices. They could also manage their stock or invoices and track their performance. Stock and sales management tools were implemented to enable customers to view their sales and track their performance.
  • Agile Development Methodology: The development team used an agile development methodology with regular updates and feedback from the client. This ensured the application met the client’s specific requirements and was delivered on time and within budget.


The system architecture comprises the following components:

  • User Interface: This component enables players to design and customize their menu items and invoices
  • Admin portal: An interface for managing stock, tracking sales, approving sales, all user types, and managing and overseeing the customization process.
  • Technologies Used:
  • Frontend: Angular 15, Ng Prime, HTML/SCSS, TypeScript
  • Backend: .Net
  • Database: SQL


Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management
Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management
Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management
Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management
Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management
Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management
Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management
Transforming Restaurant and Supplier Management

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