ValueCoders’ Comprehensive Beer Industry Solution

Leading beer industry giant sought ValueCoders' expertise to develop a cutting-edge web and mobile app for their beer business. ValueCoders delivered a solution that streamlined operations, improved transparency, and boosted efficiency, revolutionizing their entire supply chain.

Technology Used:
  • Laravel
  • React JS

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Project Synopsis

ValueCoders aims to develop a comprehensive web and mobile application for the beer industry, catering to retailers, suppliers, distributors, and delivery personnel.

The platform will enable retailers to browse products, place orders, and connect with suppliers. Distributors can access a robust dashboard to manage inventory, orders, and invoices.

They can also create delivery routes and track deliveries on a map. Suppliers can view invoices, monitor inventory, and track product transfers to distributors.

Delivery personnel will use the mobile app to follow delivery routes, update delivery data, and report defects. The system will facilitate payments between retailers, distributors, and suppliers.

Retailers can request accounts with suppliers, and suppliers can accept or decline these requests.

The platform aims to streamline operations, improve transparency, and enhance efficiency in the beer marketplace.


Project Requirements

It was crucial to make it easy for suppliers, retailers, and distributors to use the platform.
Suppliers could manage their warehouses and orders smoothly, while distributors could handle orders, check stock, and do invoicing efficiently. Retailers could easily shop, track shipments, and pay invoices.
Delivery personnel could use their mobile apps to see orders and routes, ensuring on-time deliveries and handling returns well.
This app is a simple and effective way to manage beer distribution smoothly and quickly.

Type of Users:

  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Suppliers
  • Delivery boy
  • Super Admin

Key challenges

Key Challenges Solution
To understand the complex requirements of clients and the creation of orders through the marketplace while managing all the stakeholders so that everyone can process their tasks swiftly and effectively. To understand the business objectives and ensure that the overall design of the platform was aligned with them, ValueCoders conducted a case study research program to get an in-depth understanding of the need for the product and the key challenges faced by the users. Incorporated features in the application that are striking and will give users a feel of being participating.
To develop a great platform to ease the usability for the users that are not tech-savvy keep the UI simple and provide all the functionality so that the users can use the platform effectively. ValueCoders implemented certain measures that offer a more streamlined, secure user experience. Understanding the core objectives, the team developed a platform to help understand the user interaction with each other through questions.
To develop an intuitive and scalable, fault-tolerant module that offers users a seamless experience. ValueCoders were able to satisfy the challenging requirement through significant technology. We developed a bug-free module with all implemented/requested features.

Solution Implementation

● Process
This platform provides access to Distributors, Suppliers, and Retailers.
The distributors will have full access to the dashboard to manage the online orders from the retailers and approval from the suppliers.
Distributors will also have access to view or generate the reports.
Distributors can manage the merchants’ payments and payments received by the retailers.
Distributors keep track of the daily routes with the trucks and assign which truck goes to which route, and can view the delivery routes on a map. When suppliers send products to distributors, it shows that the distributors have received them.
Retailers will have their separate accounts. They can visit the suppliers’ website, choose the catalog, and place the order accordingly.
Suppliers have their own login interfaces where they can access to see their invoices paid, orders in transit, and inventory in the distribution warehouse and at their own warehouse.
Suppliers can even send the product to the distribution warehouse.
Delivery users can use a mobile app to see the route to retailers and update how much product they’ve delivered. This data is saved in the inventory system.
Delivery users use a mobile app to see the route to retailers and update how much product they’ve delivered. This data is saved in the inventory system.

● Documentation
ValueCoders tackled the tough challenge with advanced technology. This helped us meet our goals and boosted our team’s skills.
Our hard work paid off, resulting in a bug-free module with all the planned features. The end product is a fully functional platform for efficient craft beer distribution.

● Architecture
The architecture design document describes the components and specifications required to support the solution and ensures that the design’s specific business and technical requirements are satisfied.

This part of the document states the business goals and the goals of the solution. The web browser permits the user to interact with the web functions developed with HTML/CSS, and the web application server handles the central hub that supports business logic and multi-layer applications developed using NodeJS.

The database server offers business logic and relevant info/data that the server stores and manages. It stores, retrieves, and provides the information.

Distributors flochart

Distributors flochart


ValueCoders’ Comprehensive Beer Industry Solution
ValueCoders’ Comprehensive Beer Industry Solution
ValueCoders’ Comprehensive Beer Industry Solution
ValueCoders’ Comprehensive Beer Industry Solution
ValueCoders’ Comprehensive Beer Industry Solution

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