Our Healthcare Software Development Solutions

We build custom healthcare solutions to help health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other providers to improve patient care, balance costs, and secure PHI.

Customised IoT Applications

We aim at delivering robust IoT applications and supreme healthcare mobile app development solutions for healthcare providers to enable better outcomes across the complete care journey. We are onto leveraging our web, mobile, and medical devices to enable next-gen quality of care to deliver tailor made IoT applications.

  • AI-driven movement data analysis
  • Mobile-optimized medication and procedure reminders
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  • Disease management
  • Health data collection and analytics
Healthcare App Services

EMR and EHR Solutions

Our healthtech expertise in EMR and EHR software development help healthcare organizations of all sizes in transforming their workflows to take their quality of service to the next level. We have experience in building customized EMR solutions that give your clinical staff access to the complete range of patient data, including basic vitals, medical history, ICD-10 codeTours, medications, allergies, and test results.

  • Interactive patient portals
  • Advanced decision support
  • Streamlined interoperability
  • Population health management
  • Smarter care coordination
  • Building APIs for PACS, HIE etc
Healthcare App Services

mHealth Applications

Our customised mHealth applications can be tailored for all kind of smart mobile devices within your organization to automate and increase efficiency of clinical staff on a day-to-day basis. Our mHealth apps are fast, convenient, and easy to learn for anyone who has a good grasp of how a smartphone works.

  • Mobility for personnel
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Better patient involvement
  • Interactive 3D anatomical models
  • Branded healthcare apps
  • Technology innovation
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Health Management Software

Our custom population health management software helps healthcare providers to leverage their own data to improve patient experiences, impact the health of local communities, and curb costs. With all the necessary info at hand and sharable 24/7, your clinical staff can start delivering value-based care on a community scale.

  • Discover gaps in care
  • Measure patient outcomes
  • Streamline payer relations
  • Stratify health risks
  • Outline sub-populations
  • Drive patient engagement
Healthcare Mobile App Development

Healthcare Business Intelligence Solutions

Our custom BI solutions are designed and developed for healthcare providers that address their specific needs and objectives. Our custom BI solutions enable better health outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction.

  • Data discovery, warehousing and ETL
  • OLAP and data visualization
  • Reporting and interactive dashboards
  • Drive down operational costs
  • Drive clinical decision making
  • Ensure privacy and data security

Digital Transformation Solutions

Our custom software enables healthcare providers with innovative solutions and enhances their digital transformation journey. We enable healthcare providers to increase outreach and improve care via streamlined communication, efficient allocation of clinical resources, and better patient engagement.

  • Real-time interactive solutions
  • Remote patient monitoring solutions
  • Store and forward solutions
  • Dynamic 3D models
  • VR-assisted methodologies
  • Video-based telehealth solutions

Medical Image Analysis

Being experts in healthcare mobile app development, we create medical image analysis software with ML technology to effectively analyze this data and generate detailed and actionable information on patient conditions.

  • Improving diagnostics
  • Enhancing treatment
  • Ensuring patient safety
  • Boosting public health
  • Treatment quality improvement
  • Advancing AR/VR in healthcare

Our Healthcare Specialties

Being a healthcare app development company, we specialize in building complex medical web apps that help leading healthcare brands across the globe.

  • Clinical Workflow Automation

    We help healthcare providers & professionals to automate manual tasks & repetitive tasks for hospital asset tracking and revenue cycle management.
  • Data Analytics

    Our healthcare app developers analyze large volumes of unstructured data from a range of sources to create interactive dashboards accessible to non-tech users.
  • IoHT Solutions

    Our IoT experts develop IoHT solutions for monitoring and predictive maintenance of medical equipments
  • Remote Care

    We provide remote chronic and emergency care for real-time telemedicine solutions.
  • Integration

    We provide seamless, across-the-board integrations for optimizing legacy systems’ interoperability and healthcare mobile app development.
  • Compliance Fit

    Our healthcare application development teams design and implement HIPAA-compliant data storage for scalable-driven architecture design.
Healthcare Software Development Companies

Why ValueCoders For Healthcare App Development Services?

ValueCoders provides reliable healthcare application development services with faster response times and better return on investment. Hire well-trained healthcare mobile app development teams that are experts in offering healthcare mobile applications development services and deliver innovative, best-in-class results. As one of the leading application development companies for healthcare, we make sure you receive services that are innovative and customized according to the requirements.

  • Expertise In Big Data & BI

    Our big data and BI experts use their expertise to rebundle heterogeneous data into customizable dashboards accessible to medical professionals.
  • Healthcare Domain Knowledge

    Our 17+ years of experience in EHR, telehealth, and financial systems allow us to foster interoperability across your entire organization.
  • Extensive Mobile UX Expertise

    For our mHealth development solutions, we ensure great UX as our top priority to deliver multi-screen solutions that are intuitive and easy to master regardless of the user’s background.
  • Data Security & Privacy

    Our healthcare app developers help you ensure full compliance with the required industry standards, including HIPAA.
  • Regulatory Standards & Compliance

    We work with you to ensure that every interaction within your PHM system fully complies with the required standards and regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, ICD-10, DICOM, and others.
  • 100% Transparency

    We help healthcare providers & professionals to stay compliant with health data privacy standards and imple­ment SSO, biometric authentication, and multi-factor authentica­tion to keep credential data safe.
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Being a leading healthcare software development company in India, ValueCoders has delivered over 4200 projects in more than 40 countries. We build interactive, high performing, and scalable applications for start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs.

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We have served 2500+ clients globally and completed 4200+ projects for them. Check out some of the best custom healthcare software development case studies here

Frequently asked questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs.

What software is used in healthcare?

In healthcare, there are multiple types of software that are used very frequently.
- Clinical decision support.
- Disease registries.
- Provider order entry.
- Consumer health IT applications.
- Electronic medical record systems (EMRs, EHRs, and PHRs).
- Electronic prescribing software
- Telehealth.
Are to name a few.

Which is the best healthcare app development company?

To find the best healthcare app development company, you need to see their experience and work on the healthcare domain. We have built 200+ healthcare apps and delivering excellence from the past 17 years.

How to hire cost effective healthcare app development teams?

If you are planning to hire healthcare application development teams and have a budget constraint, then it is better to go for a mid scale Indian healthcare app development company. We are an Indian healthcare app development company with more 17+ years of experience delivering excellence to global clients.

Which type of healthcare apps do you build?

We cater to all kinds of web app development, mobile apps development, and custom software development services for the healthcare industry and build applications like patient care, ERP, CRM, health monitoring, surgery, appointment booking, etc.

How much does it cost to build a healthcare app?

The cost of building an app depends upon a few criteria such as the size of the app, the number of features, platform it's built etc. For desired healthcare mobile app development from our highly experienced programmers, you are free to share your idea, so we can provide you with ETA

How is IT used in healthcare?

The purpose of health IT is to provide better patient care and help achieve equity in health. Health IT improves the quality of healthcare delivery, increases patient safety, reduces medical errors, and strengthens the interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

What’s new in healthcare technology?

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, chatbots, and virtual reality (VR) are among the most promising healthcare technologies for the coming years. Healthcare executives have long been dissatisfied with the lack of technology solutions and solutions which now is fulfilled.

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