Department heads, project managers and other professionals

  • Soundarya Gupta

    Parvesh Aggarwal

    Founder & CEO

  • Mohit Malik

    Mohit Malik

    VP - Operations

  • Vivek Avasthi

    Vivek Avasthi

    Head of Digital Marketing

  • Neha Raina

    Neha Raina

    Head Of Resourcing And Partnerships

  • Tarun Narang

    Tarun Narang

    Technical Project Manager

  • Amit Saini

    Amit Saini

    Mobility Solutions Manager

  • Pawan Kuniyal

    Pawan Kuniyal

    Technical Project Manager

  • Shivani Negi

    Shivani Negi

    Head of PMO and Process

  • Soundarya Gupta

    Saundaraya Gupta

    Technical Manager

  • Satyendra Kumar Sharma

    Satyendra Kumar Sharma

    IT Manager

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