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Funding Process For Startups – [Infographic]

Many companies bootstrap first and then go in for funding, while others go in for funding, from the work go. The choice is for the business owner to make. Bootstrapping gives and enterprise the freedom while funding provides the desired funds for growth. The funding process for startups may seem complicated but an undertsanding of the same makes it really simple.

There are various stages of funding of a startup.

Having the right sort of business idea, filling a need gap in the market is a must for startup success.

Finding an experienced professional to work as a co-founder, adds value to the startup, helping it to move to the next level.

One can also look for family and friends to put in money, into the startup business.

Once the startup is up and running, one can go in for an angel round to get further funding for the business.

Once the company grows further, one can look for venture capitalists.
Here is an infographic that defines the process in detail:

How Startup Funding Works

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