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10 Mistakes While Hiring Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps play a diverse role in the competitive business world. From aiding sales of products and services to marketing them, they have become vital for the success of your business. Almost every business small or big is creating their apps. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to make mistakes while hiring mobile app developers. Here are a few mistakes that you should try and avoid while hiring developers for your app development project.

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# 1 Not Verifying Credentials

You should never hire a company or developers without verifying their credentials. How many apps have they developed in the past? Who were their clients? Try and download those apps they have developed and get the look and feel of it. If you don’t like them, it’s time to knock some other door.

# 2 Not Interviewing Developers

When you hire a company most often you are concerned about its reputation without bothering to interview the developer who work on your project. Remember, the skills and expertise of the individual developer or the team has a great bearing on the outcome of your project. Direct communication also allows you to share your ideas and vision with the developer/team working on your project.

# 3 Narrowing Down Choice To Local Developers

Local developers aren’t bad parse, but narrowing down your choice only to local developers would be a grave mistake. Remember you want a robust app and if doesn’t matter if it is built 5000 miles away from your location. It is important to keep your options always open.

# 4 Choosing Price Over Skills

Yes, cost is one of the most important factors especially for small businesses and start-ups when it comes to selecting mobile app developers. But you should never commit the mistake of prioritizing price over skills while hiring a developer. There are millions of apps out in the marketplace and a poorly developed one won’t do any good for your business.

# 5 Too Fast = Too Bad

Mobile app development is a complex process. It needs the designer, developer, tester and the client to come on a common platform and be sure of what everyone is looking for. If a developer promises to create the app in the next few days, better run away as he/she has little knowledge about the ecosystem.

# 6 No Prior Experience In Niche

You must always preferably hire developers who have worked in your niche and have developed apps for businesses similar to yours. Walking with a developer/team who have vague knowledge about your industry and customer behavior can result in a poorly developed app.

# 7 Lack of Cross Platform Knowledge

Mobile apps are successful when they are available across the platform. While you may start by launching apps on Android and iOS, in the next phase you would like them to be available across other platforms such as Windows and BlackBerry. So try and avoid development agencies that don’t have cross platform skills.

# 8 Not Considering Product Life Cycle

Mobile app development is continuous process where the apps would need to be upgraded with time and bugs fixed whenever they arise. Many businesses are so overwhelmed with app development, that they completely ignore its future! Never do that.

# 9 Not Owning Source Code

You need to own the source code of your product at every cost. Often businesses fail to include this clause in their contract and it becomes difficult for them to switch from one agency to another if the need arises.

# 10 Continuing With The Same Mistakes

It is human to err and make the wrong choice while hiring a development agency. But it is a cardinal sin to continue with the same mistakes. If you aren’t satisfied with the end product, you should move on a hire a professional team. Trying to modify and upgrade a product with bad core structure is a futile exercise.

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  • Marie Barton

    #11 Not testing their skills before interviewing them. Coding tests are useful as an indicator of a developers ability. They should be given prior to the interview so you can filter out the candidates that don’t meet your requirements and only interview those that do.

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