Finding the best between Java and Python in the war of “Python vs Java” is a wise decision in 2021. It can help you in choosing the best programming language for your mobile & web app development project. But, to meet the business goals, it is really necessary to build impactful applications; this can be possible when you know the result of the Python vs Java war. Both technologies are amazing, and they have versatility, efficiency, and automation capabilities.

Let’s Begin Java Vs Python War 

What is Java? (

Python Vs Java: Which Is Best For Your Business App Development?

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Java is an object-oriented programming language similar to the C++ language. At Sun Microsystems, James Gosling developed it and got officially released in 1995.  With the help of Java developers, web and mobile applications are created. It also has a web plug-in, which allows you to run applications in the browser.

Top features of Java: (for Effective business app in war of Python vs Java)

  • Build highly interactive and responsive apps
  • It supports WORA (Writing Once, Run Anywhere) philosophy
  • Fully object-oriented programming language
  • Supports multiple open-source libraries. Hence, Java is a good choice for business app development. 

Famous website built by using Java:

  • Cash App
  • Twitter
  • Signal
  • Airbnb
  • Pinterest
  • Vox Media
  • Spotify

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What is Python? (Benefits for a business app in war of Python vs Java)

Python Vs Java: Which Is Best For Your Business App Development?

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Python is an extensively used high-level programming language. This programming language is used to develop GUI, websites, and web applications. It also allows you to focus on applications’ core functionalities. So, Python can be run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Macintosh, etc. 

Top features of Python: For Top Business app in war of Python vs Java

  • Simplifies complex tasks using a few lines of code.
  • Makes debugging easy and portable
  • It offers a vast range of libraries like Tensor flow, Pandas, Numpy, etc.
  • Supports Graphical User Interface. As a result, Python is a good choice for a business app. 

Famous Websites Built By Using Python:

  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Dropbox
  • Pinterest
  • Instacart

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Java Vs Python: Most Popular Technology (in war of Python vs Java)

If I talk about the most famous technology among Java and Python, then 47.1 % of Python developers and 42.1% of Java developers recommend these languages or technologies. 

Python Vs Java: Which Is Best For Your Business App Development?

Source: Stack Overflow Survey

Java Vs Python: Comparison Between Java and Python(in war of Python vs Java)

From below, read a few pointers that will help you to find the best between Java and Python, and by doing so, you will be able to end the war of Java Vs Python.

Java (in war of Python vs Java)

  • Code: Expanded lines of code compared with Python mean it takes ten lines to complete a single part of the coding.
  • Dynamic: In Java, you have to indicate the type of data.
  • Syntax: If on completing the program at the end, you haven’t placed a semicolon (;), then it will show an error. In Java coding, you need to use curly braces after or before a particular block; if you do not perform the same, code will not work.
  • Portability: Java virtual machine (JVM) of Java programming language is widespread and is also available everywhere.
  • Speed: If I talk about speed, then Java is faster in comparison with Python.
  • Easy to use: If I talk about a difficult level, then Java is not so easy to use means it is quite hard to learn and use Java.
  • Legacy: Java follows a verbose coding style, and that’s why the Legacy system of Java is larger than Python.
  • Backend Frameworks: In Java programming language, Spring and Blade are used.
  • Machine Learning Libraries: In Java, Weka, Mallet, Deeplearning4j, MOA machine learning libraries are used, and these are used in Python.
  • Game Development Engines: In Java, JMonkeyEngine is used, but this is not used in Python.

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Python(in war of Python vs Java)

  • Code: In Python, small lines of code are used. The single code part can be written in 2 lines, and this makes Python a preferred language.
  • Dynamic: In a python programming language, codings are of dynamic types means in coding, you don’t have to declare the type of variable.
  • Syntax: In python programming, it is not necessary to place a semicolon (;) at the end of the statement. Indentation is required in Python, but in this braces cannot be used. Indentation mainly enhances the readability of coding.
  • Portability: If I talk about popularity, then Java is more popular than Python, but Python is portable.
  • Speed: In comparison with Java, Python is slower. Python is an interpreter, and it determines data type; that’s why it is slow.
  •  Easy to use: In Python, shorter codes are used, and in this dynamic, coding is used, which is easy to use and understand. 
  • Legacy: In Python fewer legacy problems occur; that’s why most of the companies face difficulty while copy and pasting the code. 
  • Backend Frameworks: Django, Flask are the backend frameworks that are used to build web applications. 
  • Machine Learning Libraries: In Python Tensorflow, Pytorch Machine learning Libraries are utilized.
  • Game Development Engines: In Python, Cocos, Panda3d are used as game Development Engines.


Java Vs Python: Trends(in war of Python vs Java)

If I talk about Java and Python trends, then in the United States (US), Python is more trending in comparison with Java.


java vs python


If I talk about Java and Python trends in the war of “Python vs Java”, then in India, Java is more trending than Python.


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Java Vs Python: Comparison Table(help choosing best in among Python vs Java war)

From below, view the Java Vs Python comparison table from this, you can recognize which programming language will best suit your business.

Technology Java Python
Syntax Hard to learn and understand Simple to learn and understand
Framework Spring, Grails, Play, Struts, JavaServer Faces (JSF) Giotto, Pylons, TurboGears, Web2Py, Bottle
Cross-Platform Yes Yes
Machine Learning Libraries Weka, Mallet,  Deeplearning4j, MOA   Tensorflow, Pytorch
Game Development Engines JMonkeyEngine Cocos, Panda3d
Website 13,839 live websites using Java  138,553 live websites using Python 
Speed Faster Slower
Legacy Larger Less

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Python vs Java: Best Java and Python Frameworks You Should Know

Top 10 Java Frameworks


java vs python

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The Java framework is specific to the Java programming language; it is used to develop software applications and Java programs. Java frameworks usually include predefined classes and functions, and it helps you to develop apps faster. Let’s read about the top 8 Java Frameworks.

Spring: It is an open-source framework used to build Enterprise web applications. This framework includes several modules such as AOP, IOC, WEB MVC Context, DAO ORM, etc.

Struts: Apache Struts is one of the excellent open-source frameworks for web applications. It also supports the MVC (Model-View-Controller) model and prolongs the JSP API.

Hibernate: Hibernate is not a full-stack framework. It is an Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) database for Java applications, and it supports JPA implementation.

Apache Wicket: It is one of the widely used Java frameworks, and has a component-oriented structure. Its main features include a POJO model that holds a number of components like reusable packages with images, buttons, forms, links, etc.

Java Server Faces (JSF): This framework supports the MVC framework, and it has reusable UI elements for server-based applications. JSF also supports drag and drop UI component features.

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Dropwizard: This light-weight framework supports advanced configurations, logging, application metrics, and so on. Hence, this framework allows you to develop leading and reliable web applications.

Grails: It is a full-stack web framework written in the Groovy programming language. It is based on the MVC design pattern. Grails has built-in support for RESTful APIs.

ATG: This framework can be run on three servers that are Oracle Weblogic, IBM Websphere, and JBoss. ATG is one of the finest frameworks to develop e-commerce applications.

Play: It is a popular and unprecedented type of framework that supports the approach of code over configuration. It is based on the MVC pattern.

Hadoop: Apache Hadoop is not a full-stack framework. It works on the MapReduce programming pattern. The framework utilities can easily handle huge volumes of data (Big Data).

Top 10 Python Frameworks


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Python frameworks provide structure to web applications, and they also accelerate the app development process. The framework in-build models and functionalities allow users to develop robust applications.

Django: It is the popular free, open-source full-stack Python framework. It supports an MVT (Model-View-Template) architecture, and it also holds leading features that help build top-notch applications.

Flask: Flask is a lightweight and modular design framework used to build a web application. It supports various features such as a built-in fast debugger, RESTful request dispatching, unit testing, ORM, etc.

Bottle: It is one of the popular lightweight micro-frameworks and is used to build APIs. It supports various features such as; built-in HTTP server, plug-ins for different databases, WSGI/HTTP servers, and much more.

TurboGears: TurboGears is an open-source, full-stack framework and is. This web framework offers a combination of Ming (MongoDB Model) or SQLAlchemy (Model), Repoze, Kajiki (View), and ToscaWidgets2.

Web2py: It is also one of the best full-stack frameworks, and it includes a code editor, debugger, and one-click deployment. This framework allows you to manage errors, and this task is performed by the authentication system that is LDAP, Janrain, MySQL, etc.

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CherryPy: It is a popular open-source micro-framework that allows developers to build leading web applications. It holds various features such as a built-in multi-threaded server, configuration system, integrated profiling, coverage, and testing support.

Sanic: Sanic is an asynchronous, open-source framework formed on uvloop. It offers fast HTTP responses with asynchronous handling. The framework fits with Python 3.5’s async functions.

Tornado: It is one of the popular web frameworks, and it has an asynchronous networking library. This framework offers built-in support for user authentication, real-time services, non-blocking HTTP client, and so on.

CubicWeb: It is a Full-stack framework built by Logilab. It is a Python-based web framework based on the data model.

Dash: It is a microframework used for building analytical web applications. Apps designed with Dash are web servers that operate Flask and interact with JSON packets.


Wrapping Up (Result of war “Python vs Java“)

In this neck to neck war of Java Vs Python, it is tough to estimate the result, as both languages proffer leading solutions. Well, both the language offers top-notch performance and allows you to develop leading web applications.

The developers who have great experience can easily develop web applications using Java and Python. Hence, you need to Hire Indian programmers to develop your next business app. 

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