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E-commerce is always considered one of the best business choices. During the COVID-19 period, it has taken a sudden rise as people are afraid to make any physical contact with strangers, and because of which to buy things, eCommerce has become the best option.

magento ecommerce development

Nowadays, businesses are switching towards eCommerce business by building a website using the eCommerce website builder Magento which is considered the best website builder. 

According to Statista, The eCommerce software application market is forecasted to reach 6.3 billion U.S. dollars.

We have listed a few best magento development companies that provide the best Magento development services. If you are also looking to enter the eCommerce business, you can hire Magento developers from these companies, as they have experts who can help you create the best eCommerce website.

List of The Best Companies For The eCommerce Website

1. PixelCrayons


PixelCrayons is one of the most famous and best Magento website development companies, as it has been in this industry for more than 18 years and has done over 12500 projects. 

PixelCrayons is surrounded by the top Magento e-commerce developers who have great experience in this field and provide the best Magento development service.

The Magento consulting services of PixelCrayons are:

  • Online stores
  • B2C marketplaces
  • B2B Trade portals
  • Auctions & Biddings
  • ECommerce aggregators
  • Multi-Vendor platform

The major industries covered by PixelCrayons are: 

  • Grocery store app development
  • Restaurants & Takeaway
  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Jewelry eCommerce
  • Travel & Tourism

And the other services given by them are: 

  • Custom ecommerce development
  • mCommerce development
  • Migration & Upgradation
  • Management & maintenance

All these services are provided by experts who have experience working with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality, and IoT-enabled commerce. If you are looking to develop an application based on Magento, you can hire Magento developers from PixleCrayons.

2. ValueCoders



ValueCoders is among the best Magento web development companies and is serving for the last 18+ years. Magento eCommerce developers of ValueCoders are capable of creating an interactive, robust, and user-friendly multi-vendor e-commerce store for your retail business. 

ValueCoders can help you with these types of Stores: 

  • eCommerce storefronts
  • E-commerce aggregators
  • Marketplaces
  • Delivery platforms
  • Booking platforms
  • B2B Trade Platforms

And the services provided by them are: 

  • Custom eCommerce development
  • Maintenance & Migration
  • eCommerce Audit and optimization
  • eCommerce consulting & Business Intelligence
  • eCommerce Integration
  • M-Commerce Services
  • Data Analytics
  • eCommerce Digital Marketing services

Companies choose ValueCoders because of its core strength, and they give services at a very reasonable cost. Magento programmers at ValueCoders are proficient at providing the best services, and because of this ValueCoders has a 5- 5-star rating in clutch.

If you want to develop an eCommerce website, choosing ValueCoders can be the best option to get the best return on investment. You can hire certified Magento developer from ValueCoder and create a custom eCommerce website

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3. Rave Digital

Rave Digital

Rave Digital is among the award-winning Magento web development companies serving various industry verticals since 2006. Our team of professionals provides eCommerce website design and development services on various platforms, including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, etc.

Services proffered by Rave Digital:

  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web Designing
  • Magento development service

Moreover, the company’s dexterous team of developers is proficient at building customized Magento websites that help businesses achieve competitive advantages for their online presence.

4. IndiaNIC


IndiaNIC is among the leading eCommerce development companies. Their eCommerce website development includes full-fledged online eCommerce store web design and custom eCommerce web development for small, medium, and large enterprises. 

Their expertise in eCommerce is with the popular eCommerce platform like Magento eCommerce website builder. It helps in delivering the best eCommerce web solutions with a robust online content management system.

Services provided by IndiaNIC are: 

  • Fraud Proof eCommerce Website Development
  • Online eCommerce Website Design
  • Responsive eCommerce Websites/ Web Apps
  • SaaS-based eCommerce Set up
  • Multi-vendor Store Development
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • Custom eCommerce Development
  • Mobile Commerce Solutions

You can hire dedicated Magento developers from India NIC for developing custom eCommerce development solutions.

5. Iflexion


Inflexion has made an outstanding reputation in the market for an eCommerce development solution, and their expertise is more in Magento development service. 

Putting together the expertise of Inflexion in information technology and eCommerce development, they help retail companies, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to get customer satisfaction, expand their audience and boost their sales. 

Let’s find out the services offered by Inflexion: 

  • Custom eCommerce website development
  • ECommerce document management
  • Payment solution and tools
  • Corporate billing and Accounting
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • ECommerce ERP & many more…

Working with this company can be very beneficial for you as its experts are highly experienced and give you the best insights into the eCommerce website. According to that, you can take their help in creating the best eCommerce website based on Magento.

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6. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions

By the name itself, you can imagine that the company is all about Magento Ecommerce solutions. It has done work with several big companies like KTM, HP, ESPN, Hyundai, etc., and has expertise in B2B, B2C, Marketplace. 

Magneto IT Solutions provides services of: 

  • Custom eCommerce development
  • Migration & Integration
  • Consulting and Marketing
  • Multi-Vendor store

You can hire Magento programmers from this company to make you a website induced with the latest technologies.

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7. Emizentech


It is also considered among the best Magento development company as it has excellent expertise in the eCommerce department. It has 8+ years of experience and has done many big projects for clients. Their Magento development solutions include: 

  • Magento eCommerce solution
  • Custom eCommerce development
  • Magento’s extension development
  • Magento speed optimization
  • Magento Support & Maintenance

Working with the finest companies is always beneficial as they serve you with enough experience in hand that there is no need to make them understand much about what you want. You can hire Magento web development experts from this company to give you enough solutions for your eCommerce development.

8. Elogic commerce

Elogic commerce

It is also considered among the best Magento development company as it has excellent expertise in the eCommerce department. It has 8+ years of experience and has done many big projects for clients. Their Magento development solutions include: 

  • Magento eCommerce solution
  • Custom eCommerce development
  • Magento’s extension development
  • Magento speed optimization
  • Magento Support & Maintenance

Working with the finest companies is always beneficial as they serve you with enough experience in hand that there is no need to make them understand much about what you want. You can hire Magento web development experts from this company to give you enough solutions for your eCommerce development.

9. Next big technology

Next big technology

As a Magento development company, it provides great Magento development solutions to the application as their Magento programmers have excellent knowledge in the same domain. Now the question arises why to choose the Next big technology?

  • Experienced & Skilled team
  • Competitive pricing
  • Top-notch solutions
  • Smooth process

The services provided by this company include:

  • User Management 
  • Product Management 
  • Catalog Management 
  • Offer & Discount Management 
  • Shipping Management 
  • Payment Management 
  • Order Management 
  • Email Management etc.

This company has a good command over the latest emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and many more that can be used to develop an eCommerce application based on Magento. 

You can hire Magento developer from the best Magento development company, which can help you make unique applications induced with the latest technology based on Magento.

10. Simicart



With over a decade of Magento experience, SimiCart is trusted by over 1000 brands worldwide to drive their business forward. The company offers various services ranging from custom mobile app development to headless PWA storefront development for Magento merchants.

Since speed is the focus of the ecommerce experience today, the company is primarily focused on optimizing storefronts for the best possible performance without sacrificing any functionality.

Let’s find out the services provided by the company: 

  • Web/App design
  • Magento Migration
  • SEO Audit
  • Website customization
  • Server setup & maintenance
  • Speed optimization

Now with over 10+ years of experience in the development domain, this company has gained tremendous experience and knowledge in dealing with several clients for developing several types of ecommerce applications which is why you can also hire Magento experts from SimiCart.

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11. Pixafy



Pixafy is a New York-based e-commerce agency and online retail experts specializing in B2B and B2C implementations. They provide digital transformation and channel harmonization to expand your e-commerce business. 

They have a highly experienced team with mixed skill sets, including platform engineers, UI developers, designers, marketers, and system architects to provide digital transformation and channel harmonization in all aspects of e-commerce.

Services included are: 

  • Magento’s ecommerce architecture
  • Magento integration
  • Custom Magento ecommerce development
  • Custom design & Support

Pixafy was equipped with certified Magento frontend developers and engineers since the very beginning in 2014. You can hire Magento experts from Pixafy as they have the experience with the latest trends and know-how to implement the best technology to gain good traffic.

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12. Forix


Forix is a top Magento development company that has been in business for over 13 years and is known as one of the most experienced ecommerce companies on the planet. We provide best-in-class online solutions to more than 100 clients worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Services provided by the corporation:

  • Web Design & Development
  • eCommerce Consulting
  • Magento Development
  • PHP Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Magento Maintenance Services

Our team includes 60+ Magento and eCommerce experts who provide a range of services. We possess the expertise to build custom solutions as well as customization, integration, hosting, and support for existing systems.

13. GoMage


GoMage is one of the top-notch Magento development companies that proffer optimized and scalable eCommerce solutions to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises clients worldwide. Our team of experienced professionals is extremely adept at handling all kinds of custom projects, from simple to complex, as well as those with short turnaround times.

Services rendered by GoMage:

  • Magento eCommerce development
  • Web design & development
  • Mobile App development
  • Magento Services
  • Magento PWA
  • Magento Development

Additionally, we are well versed with Magento development technologies, which include PHP Programming Language for the back-end and CSS/HTML to build web pages.

14. ITDelight



ITDelight is one of the reliable Magento ecommerce development service providers that offer top-notch development services to clients across the world. 

We include Magento certified developers and passionate professionals who come together with one aim — delivering high-quality, innovative Magento solutions to all our esteemed customers in time & within budget constraints.

Services provided by ITDelight:

  • Magento Development
  • Magento Extensions
  • WordPress development
  • Website Hosting
  • Maintenance Services
  • Custom Software development
  • Shopware

The company is also well known for providing end-to-end solutions for Magento development services. This includes custom design & layout, theme installation, modules development, and integration of payment gateway.

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15. Panda Group

Panda Group

Panda Group is an international Magento development company that has been serving customers worldwide for more than 15 years. They are a dedicated ecommerce website design & development agency, which offers custom solutions based on the latest open source technologies, including Magento and WordPress.

Services offered by Panda Group:

  • Magento eCommerce development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Responsive Web Designing (RWD)
  • WordPress Website design & development

Furthermore, they also provide maintenance services for Magento websites and are adept at handling custom requests from time to time. 

The company dedicated Magento eCommerce developers and designers are constantly updated with the latest ecommerce technologies and know-how to apply them in our custom solutions.

16. Digital Silk

Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a top-notch Magento eCommerce development company with its headquarters in Miami, Florida. They have been working on high-quality Magento projects from the beginning of their establishment, and they are still evolving to serve better for you.

Services proffered by Digital Silk

  • Digital Marketing
  • PPC and SEO
  • Web app development
  • Mobile application development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Magento eCommerce development

Moreover, the developers of the organization are enough talented and experienced to develop various kinds of Magento extensions.

17. SmartSites


As a Magento eCommerce development company, SmartSites has world-class developers who are capable of offering high-quality services. They have great expertise in building effective and user-friendly Magento websites for your business growth.

Services offered by SmartSites:

  • Magento Theme Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Module Development
  • PPC Management
  • Web Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Web Development

Additionally, the team of dedicated Magneto developers is well-versed in various kinds of eCommerce projects so that they can offer you the best solutions for all your needs.

18. Codal


Codal is a leading Magento eCommerce development firm that has been offering high-quality services to its clients from the beginning. The team of Magneto developers at Codal is well versed with the best practices of Magento development.

Services offered by Codal:

  • User Experience Design
  • Full-Stack Application Development
  • Technology Strategy
  • WordPress
  • PHP web development
  • eCommerce Website Development

The experienced Magneto developers at Codal are capable of delivering solutions for all your needs and requirements to let you achieve business success..

19. Huemor


Huemor is a top-rated Magento eCommerce development company with its headquarters in New York. It is developing world-class Magento eCommerce solutions for various industry verticals, including health, retail, travel & tourism, and more.

Services offered by Huemor:

Moreover, the team of dedicated Magneto developers is experienced in working on multiple eCommerce projects so that they can proffer you unique ideas and solutions.


Magento is among the best e-commerce website builder platforms and has been ruling the industry for a long time. There are just a few best Magento development companies with excellent command over this platform, and some have been listed above with their pricing on an hourly basis. 

If you look at some parameters like company history, the number of projects done to date, and online reviews,  we would surely recommend you 4 best Magento development companies if you are looking for Magento development services

These best Magento development companies have in common the things that they have a highly efficient, effective, talented team that has done many projects for many prominent organizations.

15+ Top Magento Companies to Choose for Your eCommerce Project

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