8+ Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Magento To Form Leading Online eCommerce Store?

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Each day, globally, the number of online customers is rising, seeing this business showing interest in forming the online store to maximize the sale of their products and services. Well, there are several eCommerce platforms that businesses can utilize to create a multi-featured and desktop/mobile-friendly eCommerce website.          

But if I talk about one of the reliable and the best eCommerce website builder platforms, then Magento is one of them and is nowadays trending and broadly adopted by the various industry verticals, especially by eCommerce, retail, and healthcare sectors.

What is magento?

Magento is a well-known free and open-source eCommerce platform, which involves the content and versatile functionalities of the online eCommerce store. The platform assists businesses (Startups, SMEs, and large enterprises) create the leading and SEO-friendly online store.

In Magento, out-of-the-box features, plugins, and themes are accessible, supporting the businesses in enhancing the customer’s experience. Well, to make accurate use of Magneto and make proper utilization of the platform’s features, you can take help from dedicated Magento developers working in the best Magento eCommerce development company.


Some important stats related to Magento…                                            

  • 207,057 live websites are currently utilizing the Magento eCommerce platform; additionally, 551,541 sites adopted Magento historically. 
  • Magento currently stands 3rd on the list of the most famous eCommerce software.
  • 12% of all eCommerce websites are created with Magento

ecommerce websites built with magentoWhy Prefer Using Magento For Creating An Online Store?

Magneto is one of the best eCommerce website development platforms, and to prove this here, I have mentioned various reasons. This will help you know why you should choose Magneto for your next eCommerce development project.

why magento ecommerce for

Image Source: QualDev

1. Pocket-friendly web development

Affordability is a crucial part that each company considers while choosing an e-commerce website development platform. If you require quick eCommerce development solutions, then Magento will be the fittest alternative for you. 

Website development with Magneto is quite economical, and this is because cloud hosting lessens maintenance costs. Moreover, the web app development total cost also relies on the number of features and functionalities you want to integrate. If you drive a startup or SME business, then Magneto will be one of the perfect choices for you.

2. Multiple eCommerce website management 

Uniting various online store alternatives within the eCommerce website can be the most excellent idea to obtain more customer reach, and this thing can be efficiently achieved with Magento. 

Usually, enterprises prefer the Magento eCommerce platform for implementing a multi-store strategy which finally assists you in creating and maintaining an online store from a dashboard. This functionality saves your time and benefits you in creating an eCommerce website easily and fastly.

3. Strong community support 

Magento incorporates a wider community that incorporates project managers, eCommerce developers, bloggers, and more. With the support of the Magneto community, you can resolve the issues and errors facing while creating the eCommerce website.      

360,000+ forum members are united with the Magento community, and they are smart enough to accommodate proper solutions and guidelines for a specific subject. Moreover, if you want a seamless website development process, picking a Magento developer for hire can be an excellent option for building outstanding eCommerce apps.

4. SEO-friendly Floor

Magneto is full of multi-functional options and among those SEO-friendly features is one of the crucial parts. Using this feature, you can focus on various SEO-based activities such as positioning layers, sitemaps, SEO-friendly URL structures, and a lot more. Moreover, sites united with different SEO extensions and plugins aid you rank your website in an easy and agile way. 

5. Open-source platform

Magento eCommerce platform is open-to-use that allows online retailers to customize web apps as per the business needs. To use the Magneto platform for free, you are required to install it on the device. 

To make effective use of Magento for eCommerce development, you can avail of Magento eCommerce website development services. This will help you form an impactful online eCommerce store.  

6. Excellent Performance

If I talk about extraordinary performance, then Magento is the best platform as it supports decreasing page loading time and other analytical operations. This eCommerce website development platform incorporates 1000+ extensions which are mainly used for customization objectives. Additionally, to make your site unique, you can use the new customizations option.

7. SEO-friendly floor

Magneto is full of multi-functional options and among those SEO-friendly features is one of the crucial parts. Using this feature, you can focus on various SEO-based activities such as positioning layers, sitemaps, SEO-friendly URL structures, and a lot more. Moreover, sites united with different SEO extensions and plugins aid you rank your website in an easy and agile way. 

8. Various Payment Alternatives

For increasing the client’s satisfaction rate and managing the payment process in a good manner, usually, eCommerce sites prefer integrating multiple payment options.

There are various payment options such as Authorize.net, cash on delivery, PayPal, Amazon payment, Google Pay, Phone Pay bank transfer, and more are supported by Magento. Moreover, this alternative offers customers a hassle-free online shopping experience. 

9. Manageable integration with other software

The website built with the Magento eCommerce platform can be simply integrated with third-party services. Additionally, this platform includes different built-in Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google checkout, and Google base, and these benefit the businesses in intensifying the website performance.

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Famous Online eCommerce Store Created Using Magento

In order to tell you about Magento’s popularity here, I have stated the few famous companies’ names that are using Magneto and also find the platform trustworthy for eCommerce website development.

Well, if you also want to make a leading and popular website for your business, hire Magento programmers from the best eCommerce development company.

Fox Connect

Image Source: bdnews24

In December 2009, Fox Home Entertainment started using Magneto for developing a website, and then finally, on 6 January 2010, the company launched its Magento-based website. 


Image Source: NBC News

You must have heard about Ford; if not, then I want to tell you that it is one of the most popular companies in American. This organization selected Magento CMS to trade Ford Accessories to customers shopping online.

Coca Cola

Image Source: Mental Floss

Most of us already know that Coca-Cola is one of the popular and loved soft drink brands. This organization used Magento while working with the online store development process, and this helped them enhance the site working, personalized bottlers, selling gift boxes, and a lot more.

Warby Parker

Image Source: Medical News

This company is well-known for guided sunglasses and glasses. The organization also preferred utilizing Magento as an e-commerce platform for their online eCommerce site.


Image Source: DIY Photography

Magento runs this Japanese corporation’s website, known for its best manufacturer of optical and digital accuracy technology across different countries.


Top Competitors Of Magento

Magento is one of the tough competitors; some of its competitor’s details are stated below. It is crucial to know that in the eCommerce sector or even in other businesses also, there are no best or worst platforms to work with as each firm has its own demands and budget, so the choice of the platform only relies on the businesses projects key requirements.  

1. Shopify

Image Source: Xieles Support

It is a secure and top-rated cloud-based SaaS eCommerce platform that empowers you to design websites smoothly. Employing Shopify service benefits, you get access to an admin board where you can compare process orders, products, and store connected data.

Shopify Key Features

  • Web hosting
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Mobile commerce ready
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Standard order creation
  • Scam investigation
  • Discount codes 

Bulletproof, Penguin Books, Heinz DTH are the most recognized brands employing Shopify.

2. Wix

Image Source: Website Builders

It is one of the topmost eCommerce web development platforms. This platform includes multiple features; some of them are drag-and-drop, SEO features more. The features and functionalities of Wix help businesses by making the eCommerce website development process more manageable. 

Moreover, the platform enables you to bring your eCommerce site to the topmost level, but for that, you require to utilize the advanced version means the paid version of it. By doing so, you will be permitted to combine your domain, remove Wix ads, employ SEO strategies, etc.

Wix Important Features

  • Enables creating the professional logo in a shorter time frame
  • Permits you to create artistic, handmade designs for the online store.
  • Proffer top-level SEO tools
  • Track and control your site’s appearance
  • Proffers multiples templates

Tobias Becs, Eat Live Sleep, French Knot Studios, Good Feeling Goods, Two One, Vintique are great the most popular brands utilizing Wix.

3. WooCommerce

Image Source: LumimFire

It is a free and open-source eCommerce web app development platform. WooCommerce is more flexible, reliable, and simpler to employ. This platform is essentially designed for small to large-level online retailers.

This eCommerce platform became popular in the market for its integrity, customization, and more. Moreover, it includes a free plugin from the Plugin Repository and supports more than 100 extensions.

WooCommerce Vital Features

  • Supports various actions & filters
  • 400 official extensions
  • Infinite themes
  • Includes REST API
  • Endless customization

Root Science, Porter&York, BlueStar Coffee Roasters, Untold Wish, Marché du Pre are few leading organizations making use of WooCommerce.

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Whether you own an online store or planning to start it in the future, always choose the eCommerce website development platform that fits your requirements and funds. Magento can be the most suitable choice for your enterprise as it involves various features and functionalities and is more affordable compared with other platforms such as Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, and so on. 

If you want to develop a scalable online eCommerce store with many features and functionalities, hire Magento developers working in the top-notch Magento eCommerce development company (ValueCoders).

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