Which CMS is better? WORDPRESS or DRUPAL : Let’s find out! [Infographic]

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wordpress vs drupal

WordPress and Drupal are the most commonly used CMS in the world. Which CMS is good for you depends totally upon your short or long-term goal. Both the CMS is open-source, user-friendly, and easy to use. 

As per W3Techs, the market share of WordPress increases to 64%, while the share of Drupal gains by just 2.4%

Drupal VS WordPress


Both these CMS have several advantages and give tough competition to each other. It is challenging to choose one on just one objective, so it depends upon your business requirement. 

These CMS platforms are easy to use, but you can also hire Drupal developers and WordPress developers to make a top website. And if you want someone who can help you on both the platform, you should go for CMS developers.

More than 70 million websites are made with WordPress and approximately 1 million with Drupal, but this popularity of WordPress doesn’t make Drupal any less capable. 

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Most of the people, companies, and developers have common questions regarding these CMS platforms, which are: 

  • Which CMS is good for the website?
  • Drupal or WordPress, which is better?
  • Can we hire WordPress developers? 

All the Answers to these questions are already mentioned above, which can help you choose the best website builder for your business.

If you are worried about choosing the best offshore WordPress developers, then contact experts who work in a named WordPress or Drupal development company. They will help you make a firm decision to hire Drupal developers and WordPress experts.



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