10 New Magento 2 features

magento 2 Features _new__2000x7041Magento 2.0 is a massive update of world’s leading e-commerce platform. This new release continues to impress billions of webmasters and will keep them running clean and modern design websites, thus making it a worthy successor to the original. Here are some important Magento 2 features that you need to know:

Magento 2 Features

More popular platforms
The new version of Magento uses popular platforms like Zend and PHP 5.3 framework for managing performances of database access layer, cache engine and translations. In addition to this, it supports Oracle and MSSQL that is great for Windows Platform Server.

jQuery library
The most popular and lightweight JavaScript Library, Jquery is the default library in Magento 2.0. The migration of library from prototype to Jquery is an important change in the latest version of Magento.

New structure
Magento 2 has two major changes in the file structure:

  1. In new version, everything is placed under the app structure
  2. Each module has its own view directory with which you can access layout, all template, js, and css/less files of any other specific module. No doubt, this change is a big help for the developers of module as they can get more opportunities for customization without changing the functionality of the core site.

New technologies
One of the other exiting Magento 2 features is it comes with new technologies that consist of the latest versions of JQuery, PHP, CSS3, etc. Below mentioned table clearly shows the difference between Magento 2.0 and Magento 1.x.

Performance enhancement
In previous versions of Magento, speed and performance is a big problem. But in Magento 2.0, everything has changed. In the latest version, speed will be 20% faster as compare to the old versions, which also enhance the performance of Magento.

Jquery Javascript framework
The latest version of Magento supports only Jquery Javascript framework; therefore, it’ll have less Javascript conflicts compared to the previous version.

Improved process of customization
Magento 2.0 has Visual Design Editor, which makes it easy to use ”drop and drag” interface for editing the layout of Magento. Owing to outstanding appearance of Visual design editor, modifying blocks and containers will not require in-depth technical knowledge. Therefore, developers can easily make changes in the admin panel.

Improved scalability
Improved scalability comprises new Magento performance toolkit, improved indexers and Varnish Cache. The new indexers in the new Magento come with highly efficient updates that speed up performance. Magento performance toolkits optimize the system performance. On the other hand, Varnish Cache helps speed up the page load and reducing server loading time.

Easy front-end development
With advanced HTML5 themes and less CSS pre-processor, now the developer can easily handle look and feel of Magento website without changing the functionality of the site.

Other new Magento 2 features

  1. The new version allows developers to easily setup automated test
  2. This new version of Magento supports specific steps to deal with serve validation.
  3. Owing to this, Magento site will get better security
  4. Upgrading core Magento software and extensions is quite easy in the latest version
    Better engagement with the community is another good point of the new Magento. With special events and webinars, now Magento platform is more opened to the community

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