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10 Tips For SMEs To Hire Android Developers

10 Tips For SMEs To Hire Android Developers

Having an android app is a great way to promote your business.  It makes the business easily reachable to the customers. However, developing an android app is a twisted task. You have to separately hire android developers to build an app that has an attractive UI and a smooth functionality. Finding perfect app developers for an android app is a time consuming effort in itself. You need to consider certain aspects while selecting android developers.  Here are 10 tips to hire android  developers that may simplify the selection process –

Tips to hire Android developers

Tips to hire expert Android app developers

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 1) Look For The Experts

In order to hire android developers, the foremost thing to look as a small or medium business is their experience. Creating a fully customized and personalized app is a very tricky task, which needs to be done professionally and can only be done by experienced developers. Amateur developers often fail to provide such extensive requirements. One may hire such experienced developers from India, as they provide expert solutions with a low budget.

Expert Android App Developers

 2) Don’t Fall In The Low Cost Trap

It has often been observed that the organizations hire android developers just because of the low costs and end up with a poor quality app that is of no use for the company. We can understand that’s the suitable option being a SME. However, instead of taking risks with such low budget developers, one should hire android developers those who hold the potential to develop a quality app within the reasonable budgets.

Trap of Low Cost

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 3) Know The Past Projects Of Developers

Studying the past projects of android app developers help to understand their approach and quality of their apps. Before you hire android app developers,  check the developer’s app’s functionality, graphic quality, and the time taken to complete the project. It helps to understand, whether the developer fits the requirements or not.  You may also look for ratings and feedback for the developer’s app in the app stores.

 4) Knowledge Of Open Source Platforms

Android is an open source platform, that gives the flexibility to developers to design an application that suits their needs, making it a necessity for the developers to have a knowledge about these open source platforms. It provides firm control of the developer on the project, enhancing its quality factor. You should seek out to hire android developers who are adept with such available open – source libraries.

 5) Contact The Previous Clients

Before you hire android developers, there are many aspects that need to be considered and can’t be seen by just looking at the past apps of the developers. You should also know how the developers treat the client after they get the project, how often do they communicate, how they solve the problems, etc. Contacting the former clients of developers can help in shedding some light on this aspect. One may ask for the previous client details of the developers and connect with them to get the answers of such questions.

 6) Innovative Approach

Android app developers mostly just do what’s told to them. When a business owner approaches the Android developers, there are sufficient chances that he doesn’t know, how his app can be improvised. You should hire Android developers that not only understand the business needs, but also suggest to improvise on the design and the user experience of the app with innovative ideas.

 7) Hire A Well Established Organization

Hiring a freelance Android developers can be cheap, but a risky way to get an android app developed. Going for freelancers can get you negative results. Working with a reputed organization (Like ValueCoders)  is the most cost-effective and safest way for app development. They are sincere, trustworthy and have high a tendency to give the desired quality of the product within the time limit.

 8) Privacy Agreements Are Must

You should only start working with after they sign the non-disclosure and privacy agreements. Signing such a bond with the android developers ensures the safety of sensitive business information. In addition to that, one should also take care of the property rights of the app to avoid future discrepancies.

 9) Inquire About The Team Of Developers

When a business owner contacts an organization who claims to provide services for android app development, he wants the developers that are employees of that company. It’s been observed that many such companies hire freelancers for the app development process without prior information to the client. To overcome this issue, while you hire android developers, talk to all the development team members and inquire them about their work and designation in the company.

 10) Discuss The After Development Tasks

You should also discuss the after development tasks like, app submission, testing of the app, bug fixing, etc. before handing over the project to the developers. Get it in written agreement so that the developers don’t back off later.

Selecting an android developer is crucial to get a perfect app. Any loose attempts while doing so may drop the efficiency of an app causing unnecessary loss of time and money. The above mentioned 10 tips can certainly help you. Moreover, to end your search right here, you can hire android developers from ValueCoders to get a feature rich application. It will not only reduce your cost but also your precious time.

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