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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

As we have entered in the year 2022, it is going to be very challenging for all business owners. There is a huge increment in the competition level as compared with the last few years’ data. Moreover, the company’s digital footprints have grown at an exponential rate in the last decade. And, all the credits go to social media presence, online marketing strategies, e-commerce stores, mobile marketing, etc.

When you plan to go digital, it becomes necessary to have a successful mobile app idea(android/iOS) for your business so that you can achieve your goals. Secondly, you should find a dedicated android programmer for hire who can implement things for you. 

Let’s talk about how mobile app marketing caters to various business needs and why there is a huge demand for android app development in 2022.

The increased demand for mobile apps worldwide from the year 2014 to the year 2023 can be seen here:

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Image Src: Statista

Since mobile has transformed the whole business world, it has become the mainstay of almost all consumers (referring to various business domains) for their daily needs. The Fintech industry, gaming users and online shoppers are all responsible for the booming mobile economy. Due to which, android apps come into the play that are catering to various business needs of all domains.

You can also check the worldwide mobile app revenues in 2014 to 2023(in billion US dollars) by STATISTA here:

Now, let’s quickly check out some unique and successful Android app ideas for your startup business in 2022.

9 Best Android Apps Ideas To Pick

1) Android music applications: To relieve from stress

The time is so unpredictable. So, we must be ready to face any situation with a cool and refreshed mind. That’s how music comes into one’s life and plays an important role. It not only helps you curb the mind stress but also makes you more productive as well as efficient. 

There are dozens of music applications available on the Google play store. All you need to come up with a great music app idea that have an attractive, unique, and user-friendly interface and features. You must hire dedicated android developer for your dream mobile application.

You can ponder over the suggested android app ideas given below:

-> A music app that can avail top band members to you.

-> You can develop a music app to share your favorite music on-the-go. 

-> An application that can suggest the latest songs playlist to its users and also let them share your favourite playlist. 

popular android apps, best android apps all time, top rated apps for android


  • Option for colour theme
  • Multiple language support
  • Paying songs from folders
  • Attractive widget & styles
  • Shuffle & repeat mode
  • 3D audio support
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Notifications & other music controls

Examples: Amazon music, Youtube music, Google play music, JioSaavn, Pulsar

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2) SOS android applications: For a secure life

Safety apps play a significant role in everyone’s life especially when someone gets stuck in a difficult situation like a natural disaster or in an accident. An SOS alert android application can save your life by informing others about your critical situation so that they can come to help you.  

However, these apps are not limited to SOS alerts only. Using these apps, you can track your child’s activity when you are not at home and also provide immediate assistance to women . Furthermore, it can help you track your employees’ activities when they work from home or at a client’s site. 

9 Best Android Apps Ideas To Pick


  • Allow you selecting trusted contacts to send SOS alert
  • GPS automatically share your location to contacts
  • Can schedule future alerts
  • Track activity status of your phone 
  • Provide audio sounds around you
  • Battery saver feature
  • Parental control system for kids
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Security services

Examples: VithU app, Find my kids, FIR, bSafe, Emergency SOS


3) Carpool android apps: Saves money and time

In this fast-paced business life, you can save your time and money by commuting smartly. Carpooling android applications are in huge demand these days. You just need to install the app on your android phone, enter your drop location and wait for a few seconds. The cab would be there for you at your doorstep. This has actually made the life of daily commuters easier than ever before. Moreover, you can hail a cab for traveling purposes also like for outstation journeys and interstate tours. 

popular android apps, best android apps all time, top rated apps for android


  • Saves time
  • Saves country from pollution
  • Geo location-oriented ride
  • Enhanced user-interface
  • Supportive chatbot service
  • Individual protection of privacy
  • Allow riders to create groups
  • Rating & reviews

Examples: Uber, Ola, Lyft, Hitch, SideCar, Juno, GoKid, Heetch9 Best Android Apps Ideas To Pick

4) Fitness Tracking App: For a healthy world

Modern life is full of stress and work pressure due to which people do not get sufficient time for a healthy life routine. But as we all know, Health is wealth. A fitness tracker android application can help you for this especially when you are very busy with your office work. The app can make a healthy plan for your daily-routine and thus reduce the rate of obesity in people. 

best android apps

The app mostly comes up with features as mentioned below:

  • Track the daily-routine
  • Customized diet plans
  • Reminders for various exercises
  • Can better your lifestyle
  • Workout programs
  • Steps count
  • Wearable device integration

Example of some popular android apps: Google fit, Sworkit, Workit, FitNotes, Runtastic, Samsung health, 


5) AI & ML based Shopping App: For a real-time shopping exposure

Online shopping is one of the biggest trends around the globe. In fact, it is the one which can never fade away. A large number of eCommerce and mCommerce sites are generating very high revenues from these apps. Artificial intelligence & Machine learning has modernised the way people purchase items from shops. Everything is at just one click away from your reach.  

In this era of e-commerce, everything is possible with just a touch on our smartphones. Whether it is clothing, accessories or electronic products, we have purchases of Android applications for everything.

popular android apps, best android apps all time, top rated apps for android


  • 3d shopping experience
  • Easy payment methods
  • Free shipping available
  • Millions of products to browse at one tap
  • Discounts and offers availability
  • Push notifications 

Examples: Amazon, eBay, InstaCart, Facebook marketplace, Chewy, Flipkart

6) Voice-enabled gestures app: No more manual inputs

The world is getting more inclined towards voice-enabled searches these days. Google assistant and Siri have gained a lot of attention from users all over the globe. These voice commands and gestures apps will save your time and manual efforts. These apps basically work on the voice commands and thus help users when he is driving or doing multi-tasks at the same time. 

best android apps


  • Quick directions and local info
  • Convenient help all day long
  • Play videos and music on voice search
  • Hands-free help 24*7
  • Quick web search and answers help

Examples: Siri, Google assistant, Amazon alexa, Robin, Hound, Calendar apps, Bixby, Databot

7) AR-VR enabled apps: For online business deals

Online business demands real-world connections today. For this, you can create virtual connections for real business deals using AR-VR enabled mobile app development. It has a great scope in the future as it includes virtual showrooms, interactive map overlays, virtual classroom solutions for students, virtual conference rooms for employees, etc. 9 Best Android Apps Ideas To Pick


  • Enhance the entertainment/fun
  • Real life game experience
  • Stereoscopic visualization
  • Availability of virtual headsets
  • Immersive educational experience

Examples: VR tank training, Rollercoaster, Incell, Sisters, Within, 11:57

8) Food donation app: To feed hungers

Helping needy people in their tough times is one of the greatest help. So, let’s hire android developers to make such apps that can feed the hunger. A food donation app will create a system using which the restaurants and homes can donate their excess food to the needy people in their areas. The food will not get wasted anymore and thus help poor people by making them happy.

popular android apps, best android apps all time, top rated apps for android


  • Waste less and feed more
  • Safe donation
  • Easy sharing of photos to other social platforms
  • Use location-based technology
  • Availability of charities information

Examples: Feedie, Food Cowboy, Food fully, Goodr, Nofoodwasted, Winnow, Olio

9) Geo based Restaurant booking app: No more wait in the long queues

Technology has made our life easier. At just one click, you can have your favorite food on your table, can wear your loving dress for a party, can do smart things with smart gadgets etc. In the same way, people don’t wait in the long queues to book their desired table for a special occasion, date night, business meeting and party night. They just open the app and choose the nearby restaurant to book their desired table. The android app development blessed us with such apps. Let’s quickly check out some of its major features.

best android apps


  • Discover and book your table
  • Heavy discounts on prior booking
  • Exclusive daily meals
  • Daily rewards

Examples: Dineout, Resy, Spotluck, Reserve, Nowait, EazyDiner, Venuelytics


Hopefully, you have found the above android app ideas as the most effective one for your business in 2022. These android app ideas are based on the latest mobile app development technologies. It took a long manual as well as research efforts to produce such ideas. I wish these android app ideas would cater to all your business needs. 

Moreover, I would like to suggest a leading name in the mobile apps development industry i.e. ValueCoders which provides expert and dedicated app development services with 100% security to its clients. So, hire dedicated android app developers in India to develop your next project in 2022.

Let’s notify us by sharing which one of the above-listed android app ideas you have chosen for your next mobile app development project. Do write to us personally or via commenting in the comments section. It will help others also in choosing the right app idea to start within 2022.

popular android apps, best android apps all time, top rated apps for android

9 Best Android Apps Ideas To Pick

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