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8 Tips On Hiring The Best Fit Mobile App Developer

Hiring the best fit mobile app developer for your app project can be a really daunting task. Evaluating the developer and ensuring that he will be there to complete the project with full dedication is very important.

Here are some valuable insights to help you find the best developer for your mobile application development project.

Communication Skills

One must evaluate the communication skills of an app developer before getting him on- board. This helps in knowing whether the developer will be able to respond to queries or not. As a business, one has to be in constant touch with the developer for briefing him about the project. One must ensure that the resource is an effective communicator and understands and executes, what’s required.

Get A List Of Clients

Understanding the kind of work the developer has done, is also equally important. Getting a list of clients that this developer has worked with helps the cause. One can even speak to the relevant people in these companies, for a detailed verification. You can go into details and ask questions like whether the project was delivered on time or not and whether the delivery was up to the mark or not.

This also helps you know of the kind of work this developer had done and the kind of skills he possesses. These details help you make the apt choice. If you are looking for integration capabilities in the application, then you must ask the developer if he has worked on apps with 3rd party API in the past. You can also ask the developer about the total experience he has in mobile app development.

Ownership of the Mobile App

It is very important to retain the ownership of a mobile app while getting one developed by a developer or an Agency. This must be the pre-condition of the deal while hiring the developer and getting him on-board. The developer or the agency must sign a written agreement which says that the app developed, would be your property. The said agency must also sign a nondisclosure agreement, for keeping the details of the app private.

Judge On Testing and Submission Knowledge

A mobile app once developed may not have all its functionality in order. The app must be tested thoroughly before being made live. The developer must know how to conduct beta tests of the application and fix bugs if any.  Next is the submission of the mobile app on the app store. This is a long drawn out process as well and requires approval from the respective app stores. The developer must be aware of the process and must illustrate how he would go about submitting the app on the app store.

Reporting and Project Management

Before being selected, a developer must be asked specific questions about the project management and time tracking tools, he would be using for the app development project. As a client you must get complete access to these tools, so you can track the project work-in-progress and productivity on a daily basis. Daily timesheet reports must also be a pre-condition for hiring a mobile app developer.

Be Clear About The Job Description

It is important to know the job description of the app developer you are looking for. This creates a sense of clarity on both sides. You know and communicate your expectations from the resource and he knows how to take it forward, given the requirements.

You must clearly know whether you are looking to hire an Android developer or an iOS developer or you are looking for cross-platform development. You must also know about the kind of functionality, you are expecting from the app. This will foster a healthy discussion in the interview process and make it far more fruitful.

Time and Cost Estimation

If you are satisfied with the skill set of the developer, you wish to know the time it would take for the developer to finish the project. Once you know the delivery time and the rate of the developer you can easily calculate the total cost of the project. You can compare the total cost, the time consumed and the skill sets of different developers to arrive at the final decision.

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