PHP vs Mean Stack vs .Net

PHP vs Mean Stack vs .NET
PHP Overview

PHP is one of the most popular scripting language on the internet. PHP is easier to learn and that is precisely why it is so hugely popular.  The language has a large developer community, that makes it the preferred language for development. Some studies show that the programming language is installed in over 244 million websites. The scripting language is free and boasts of a number of frameworks that make the process of development really simple.

PHP is a highly scalable development language and the testimony to that, lies in the fact that Facebook and MySpace have been developed using PHP.

The interaction between the script, the database and the server, determine the performance of a web application. The stack followed by PHP is Lamp which includes Apache, MySQL, PHP and Linux. This is a very popular stack and trusted widely for improved performance.

Some key Advantages of developing with PHP:

  1. PHP can handle websites with a large among of traffic
  2. The framework is platform independent and can run all all kinds of operating systems
  3. The framework supports all major web servers
  4. Helps in development of web apps and sites that run faster – Uses its own memory and reduces the time to load
  5. Has a large community of developers and one can get easy support
Mean Stack Overview

Mean Stack comprises of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. The key advantage of Mean Stack over LAMP is its simplicity and common structure.  Storing data becomes easy and flexible with Mongo DB.  Running the server is simplified by Node JS.  The process of developing the website is standardized by Express JS. interactive functions can be added using AngularJS. All of these together,  make data movement easier and faster.

  • The Advantages of Mongo DB
  1. Mongo DB is one of the most useful database layer
  2. It is a modern database that provides full cluster support and automatic sharding
  3. The database allows modern apps to be easily developed, tested and hosted on the cloud
  • Advantages of NodeJS

LAMP has the limitation of many config files, Node JS does not face a similar problem. App route requests and query answering, all become simple with Javascript.

The number of layers that the LAMP carries, can be difficult for many developers. NodeJS puts all kinds of processes in one place. Having everything in one layer simplifies the process drastically.

  • The Benefits of JSON
  1. JSON helps in smooth flow of data through the layers
  2. In case of Mean, some data format in JSON is used everywhere
  3. This saves time as this data passes through each layer
  4. Since JSON is present everywhere in Mean, working with external APIs becomes simpler
  • Save On Disk Space

The JOIN command helps in saving on disk space in a big way. This helps in removing disk space by removing additional fields. This helps in keeping the database in good shape and the disk space as required.

.NET Overview

This is a popular framework by Microsoft, for building websites and web applications. MSSQL is the most commonly used database for ASP.NET, although My SQL can also be used.  The .Net framework is built on CLR and it mostly uses the libraries of the .Net Framework. The libraries comprise of Windows, ASP.Net, Windows Presentation Foundation and ADO.Net.

Dynamic website support, web based requirements and desktop software are some of the features of ASP.NET

Here are some key benefits of developing with .Net

  1. The quantity of code required for building applications in .Net, significantly reduces with .NET
  2. Since Windows provides a confirmation for applications developed in .Net, the framework is quite secure to work with.
  3. The framework also provides a detailed mechanism for drag and drop
  4. The framework allows for changes to be done easily in ASP.Net, since the source code and html code of the application are separate
  5. The platform is language independent

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