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Over the past few years, Asia has become one of the most favored outsourcing destinations in India. More and more businesses are preferring to work with Asian outsourcing companies for a various number of reasons. In a recent survey, 80% of US and European businesses have listed India as the top outsourcing destination. Therefore, some questions arise, “Why do companies outsource to India?” and “Why is India the Hub of Application Development?”.

Even though there are many other countries that have emerged as major competitors, however, IT outsourcing companies in India are the top ones to work with.

Reason Why India Is The First Choice For Application Development

When we started the research at our custom software development company, ValueCoders to find out why do companies outsource to India and why is India the hub of application development, we found some of the following favoring reasons:

India’s population which is over 1.3 Billion

India is also one of the countries where many people speak English(125 million) compare with other countries in the world. Other than this, India also has the quality of talents which attracts various businesses. Annually, around 3.1 million graduates are added to the workplace.

Why is India The Main Hub of App Development?

In 2020, India’s population is over 1369.56 million, and it is estimated that in 2024, India’s population will reach 1443.06 million.

India's Population

Source: Statista

Cost-Effectiveness & Quality Services

Cost-effectiveness is one of the main advantages that software development companies in India offer. Flexibility in pricing allows businesses the freedom to manage their budgets and provide them with a huge set of benefits. This pricing factor is the main reason why there is a huge gap that exists between personnel costs in India and that of other developed countries.

Why is India The Main Hub of App Development?

The app costs depend on the area means from which country, state you are availing the application development service. Each location’s average hourly rate/monthly rate varies, and you can observe the same from the below-mentioned image.

Application development cost

Source: Mobindustry

India provides app development services at a very affordable rate, and this is the main reason why other countries prefer to avail of services from India.

As we all know, quality is an important factor and plays an important role in outsourcing. IT outsourcing companies in India are constantly providing high-quality services throughout the country. This has also enabled India to remain as one of the top outsourcing destinations.

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Stable Government Act

India is a democratic country, and it has the most stable government in the world. The IT sector has always been a top priority for the Indian government. Moreover, the Indian government released a bill with the name ‘IT act 2000’. With excellent support by the government, Indians are able to build a high-tech IT park which has the best in class technology and infrastructure.

India’s government does not change the rules frequently; that’s why other countries prefer India to avail of application development services. This is the only reason Why is India The Hub of Application Development.

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Technologically Sound

The developers who work in various IT outsourcing companies in India are also technically sound and tech-savvy. They are experts in their fields and possess in-depth knowledge and extend logics while developing various software. This is the reason why Indian developers are more technologically sound.

The Indian app developers have good knowledge of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, and more. Nowadays, various business verticals prefer to adopt modern technologies to develop the app, and that’s why the other countries look for technology-specific developers who build an app at an affordable rate. These all things are possible when you will hire the developers for India.

70% of channel firms chose a new technology area. Looking ahead to 2020, half of the channel companies expect significant gains in emerging tech adoption.

Businesses Expectation

Source: CompTIA

Time Zone Advantage

The time difference between India and other countries has turned out to be an important factor for businesses that are outsourcing to India. In addition, software development companies in India are known for providing the quickest service to the market.

  • 570 minutes (9 hours and 30 minutes) India is ahead of the USA.
  • 210 minutes (3 hours and 30 minutes) India is ahead of Europe.
  • India is 370 minutes (4 hours and 30 minutes) ahead of the United Kingdom. 
  • Australia is 370 minutes (4 hours and 30 minutes) ahead of India.

app development

This time difference allows Indian app development companies to offer round the clock services to other countries, and somewhere this help in boosting productivity. Enterprises prefer to avail of the services from those companies who proffer quality solutions and faster delivery; these all benefits Indian companies offer. That is the reason why other countries prefer to outsource application development services from India. 

Professional Attitude & Global Organization Choice

Software development companies in India are known for having a professional attitude to serve their clients according to their business expectations. Therefore, Indian companies boast cutting-edge and state-of-the-art services at cost-effective prices. The services that are mostly outsourced from India:

Why is India The Main Hub of App Development?

Global businesses prefer India as their preferred destination when it comes to outsourcing. Various countries like Australia, the USA, UK always prefer India when it comes to IT outsourcing and IT services.

By 2023 there will be 27,7 million software developers around the world.

number of software developers

Source: Daxx

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Wrapping Up

These pointers sufficiently show how India runs ahead of the curve in outsourcing. Hence, when it comes to outsourcing, India is the first choice for global companies all across, leaving the Philippines in the second position and China in the 3rd.

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