List of the Most Popular Countries To Outsource Mobile App Development

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Usually, for availing the mobile app development services, we seem to address several factors correlated to price, most talented hub, quality work, but we generally skip the major factor i.e. preferring the best countries to outsource mobile app development.      

By recognizing the best countries for mobile app development, you will be able to get connected with the top mobile development company; moreover, you will be able to get in-class services at an affordable rate. 

Find the list below:


  • By 2023 mobile applications are expected to produce over $935 billion in revenue.
  • Around 80+ apps are installed on the average smartphone.  
  • An average person utilizes 9 mobile apps per day and 30 applications per month.

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After reading the key takeaways, are you pondering how to form a leading mobile application for your business? If yes, then first recognize the best countries to outsource mobile app development.     

So let’s move further and here know which are the top countries to outsource mobile app development. Well, before listing the best countries’ names, firstly, I would like to tell you that I have considered various factors, and you also do consider so for choosing the best country to outsource mobile app development.  

Factors I Overlook While Listing The Best Countries To Outsource Mobile App Development

While picking the top-notch countries’ names to outsource mobile application development, I have overlooked numerous factors, some of which are stated below:

  1. Trustworthy: Pick the countries, including a large pool of talented offshore development teams with a proven track record of productive and innovative work. 
  2. Value of money: Always looking for a low-budget service is not good as it may result in getting low-quality app development services. So look forward to choosing the countries offering services at an appropriate mobile app development cost.     
  3. English proficiency: You can face the language barrier problems of outsourcing mobile app development from other nations, so look for a country that can understand, read and speak proficient English.
  4. Time zone: Make sure to choose countries that have suitable time zones so that the corporation’s development team can easily and quickly get in touch with you.

Now let’s move further and know about the best countries from where you can get the top mobile application development companies to avail mobile software development services.

5 Top Countries For Offshore Mobile App Development

Several small to big businesses are outsourcing mobile app development to optimize their costs. Besides being a cost-effective solution, outsourcing is regarded as one of the topmost ways to draw a large pool of skilled and talented professionals for your mobile application development project. 

Refer to the following list of the best countries for outsourcing application development:

1) India

In the rundown, it is one of the best countries to outsource app development. Moreover, India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the globe, making it an ideal alternative for software outsourcing.

Relatively the country has a low literacy level, but the government pays attention to mathematical research and the advancement of technologies. India’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) graduates number is 2.6 million, which is quite enormous and is still increasing by the passing years. 

India is one of the prime locations for software outsourcing as it grants affordable and even you can say the low cost of developers. Average mobile app developers in India charge between $10 to $15/hr, making them less costly than mobile application development firms in the US that usually charge an average of $60/hr. 

Hence, if you are having a low budget for mobile app development, you can think of hiring mobile developers working in the top mobile application development companies in India.

Why choose India to outsource app development projects?

Image Source: Virtual Employee

  • Time zone: GMT+5:30
  • Rating (referred to HackerRank): 76%
  • Services costs (as per PayScale and Glassdoor): $15–40/hr
  • English proficiency level (as per EF EPI): Intermediate, with a score of 496
  • Technical skills of experts: India is amongst the prime countries for mobile app development leads, both hybrid and native. The Indian IT companies are involved in Microsoft and related technologies and also integrate new technologies such as AI, GIS, Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain in applications.

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2) China

China is one of the top-rated countries to outsource mobile app projects. Worldwide it is known for outsourcing, and moreover, it is one of the most expeditiously growing IT companies that produce around 4.7 million tech graduates per year. 

But in addition, few drawbacks are also there; first is in China, just 10 million of 1.3 billion Chinese residents are proficient at speaking English. So choosing China to outsource mobile app development, you may face a language barrier issue.       

Another major but dissolvable issue is China’s lax enforcement of intellectual property (IP) laws. However, this can be defeated by hiring a recognized outsourcing mobile app development company and building clear communication before beginning the work together.

Why choose China to outsource app development projects?

Image Source: Ascendix

  • Technical abilities of experts: China launches the best and in-class software products based on various modern and trending technologies, including Shell, Python, AI, Big Data, and more.
  • Rating (as per HackerRank): 100%  
  • Time zone: GMT+8
  • Service cost (based on PayScale and Glassdoor): $18-$60/hour
  • English proficiency level (as per EF EPI): Intermediate, with a score of 520

mobile app development

3) Poland

As per the HackerRank data, Poland is the third country owning the most skilled developers worldwide. The mobile app experts from Poland ranked first if I talk about using Java technology. Moreover, it is also listed in the top 5 for using other prevailing languages, including Shell, Python, and Ruby.  

If you are a western employer, then especially for you, it will be great to know that 30% of the Poland population speaks English, making communication more relaxed and easier. 

Furthermore, North American enterprises thinking to get connected with Poland’s mobile application development firm need to make accommodations for time zones if they want real-time solutions or directly want to get connected with the developers.

Why choose Poland to outsource mobile app development projects?

Image Source: Stepwise

  • Time zone: GMT+2
  • Rating (referred to HackerRank): 98%
  • Services pricing (based on PayScale & Glassdoor): $25–50/hr
  • English Proficiency (as per the EF EPI): It’s high level with a regional score of 596. In addition, English is the second language for 30% of Poland’s population.
  • Skilled Tech Geeks: Poland is one of the top-rated countries for offering in-class IT education, and this is the reason why Poland is in high demand and as well able to drag maximum business from all over Europe. Moreover, the talented remote mobile app developers working in Poland’s mobile application development firm offer high-grade mobile app development solutions and ensure the usage of modern technologies such as PHP, Python, Shell, Ruby, Java, and .NET Frameworks to offer your extraordinary app.

4) Ukraine

It is one of the best countries known for its IT education, and this is the main reason the country includes a large pool of skilled developers.     

As per HackerRank’s statistical analysis, Ukrainian programmers had an average score of 88.7% overall HackerRank challenges. Additionally, Ukraine holds the number one C++ programmer, which helps various industries globally.

The benefit of outsourcing to Ukraine is the time zone compatibility and work culture as US and UK time overlaps, and both countries have similar work cultures. 

Why choose Ukraine to outsource mobile app development projects?

Image Source: Mangosoft

  • Time zone: GMT+3
  • Rating (based on HackerRank): 88.7%
  • Services costs (based on PayScale & Glassdoor): $25–50/hr
  • English proficiency level (as per EF EPI): Moderate, with a score of 506
  • Tech skills of experts: Ukraine’s IT companies are one of the best mobile software development services providers. The dedicated development team of the companies also helps you with mobile application maintenance and support. Moreover, the team prefers integrating advanced technologies such as Big Data, AI, Blockchain, and so on to make your app unique.

5) Philippines

More than 92% of the Philippines speak English, making it one of the prime English-speaking countries worldwide. The country also has a specialized STEM high school system which ultimately increases the count of skilled developers. Moreover, this is the reason why the Philippines became one of the best countries to outsource software development.

However, these improvements still haven’t closed the gap between developers in the Philippines and other countries on this list. This means other countries will remain better to outsource mobile app development. 

Why choose the Philippines to outsource mobile app development projects?

Image Source: Kittelson & Carpo Consulting

  • Time zone: GMT+8
  • Rating (as per HackerRank): 63,8%
  • Services costs (as per PayScale and Glassdoor): $18–40/hr
  • English Proficiency (according to EF EPI): Advanced, 562 points
  • Technical skills of experts: Philippines employers are known to work faster than developers from other Asian countries. As per the PISA (Philippine Software Industry Association), more than 190,000 technical professionals work in the country. And this count is supposed to reach the mark of 210,000 by 2022.

Comparing Top Countries To Outsource App Development

There are mainly two factors we usually observe while picking the top countries to outsource app development, and picking those factors here; I have compared the top 5 countries to outsource software development.

Observing the table, I can say that in all terms, whether it is hourly rate or time zone, India stands first to outsource app development, and after that, you go for China and Poland countries to pick the top mobile application development companies. 

FAQs Related To Offshore App Development

Here I have answered some of the questions which are usually asked by people while or before outsourcing app development.

Q1) What are the advantages of outsourcing projects?

The advantages of outsourcing are stated below:

  • Global Talent: By outsourcing companies from different countries, you can explore new talent and choose them for your projects.
  • Cost Savings: The main benefit of outsourcing is saving money. Usually, in Western Europe and the US, the app development cost is very high, whereas in Asia (India and China), it is comparatively low.
  • Time Savings: To get reliable and trustworthy services, all you need to do is outsource the qualified tech talent; this will help you in saving time.

Q2) Which are the best companies to outsource mobile app development?

Worldwide there are numerous firms that offer mobile app development outsourcing services, but if I talk about the best app development outsourcing companies, then there are very few; some of them are mentioned below. 

  1. Intellias
  2. ValueCoders
  3. FATbit Technologies
  4. CactusSoft
  5. IT Svit

Q3) What is nearshore?

Nearshore software is similar to offshore development, but the contrast is in a location and time zone. The destinations you outsource are located nearby with the least time zone differences.

Q4) How can I know which offshore mobile developer is best for business projects?

Before hiring offshore developers for your project, examining their tech and soft skills are essential. For this, from mobile app developers, you can ask numerous questions associated with technology and can view their workfolio.

To know if the offshore developer is suitable for your project or not, you should consider the following things:

  • Total years of experience
  • Background
  • Know how developers fix conflicts while working on plans.
  • List of technologies the expert knows and prefers working with.
  • Know other interest areas


Are you looking for the best countries to outsource app development? If yes, once go through the best countries rundown and choose one of the countries based on their rating, hourly pricing, and suiting your standard. Thereafter from the picked country, hire a dedicated mobile app developer. 

Hiring mobile developers from the top mobile application development companies (ValueCoders) can assist you in creating an impactful and unique application in a short time and, moreover, help you reach the business goal and increase company ROI.

Well, don’t forget to tell us which country you have chosen for outsourcing software development, and for doing so, post a comment in the comment box given below. 

Good Luck 🙂


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