India & Ukraine are leading software developing nations and preferred choices for hiring developers for enterprises worldwide. While Ukraine has a score index of 88 for software developers, India is not far behind with 76, as per HackerRank. 

However, is simple rank from an agency enough to judge the best between the two countries?

The answer is: No.

There are tons of other factors that must be focused upon when choosing the ideal nation for hiring software engineers. Let us explore them to determine which one is the best between the two countries for software development projects.

Top 7 Factors to Consider while Choosing between India & Ukraine for Hiring Software Developers

1) Which one offers a large pool of talent?

Confused between Indian & Ukrainian Software Developers for Your Project? Get Your Answers Here

It feels great to have tons of options for services, and software development is no exception. A country with a larger pool of talented developers enhances your chances to find & hire the most compatible team for your software development project.  

The more options you have, the lesser the chances of getting stuck with a team that lacks vision and creativity for the project. 

  • India: The country has a whopping 2.75 million developer population (as per the last census in 2017) catering to IT services for enterprises worldwide. India has a record for catering to nearly 18% of all digital developments worldwide, as per Statista.
  • Ukraine: The nation offers 200K developers along with more than 4000 IT development companies.
  • Verdict: India wins as the nation is leading in the number of IT developers. It has a multiple-fold more significant number of software engineers to offer for any IT project when compared to Ukraine.

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2) Which country is more cost-effective?

Saving costs is an essential aspect of software development projects. It also acts as a sole reason for enterprises with a low budget for their digital transformation strategy. As per software outsourcing stats, 57% of firms outsource IT to save cost. Both India and Ukraine offer affordable rates for hiring developers; let’s find out which one is the cheaper option here.

  • India: The hourly rates vary from as low as $15 per hour and can go up to $60 per hour depending upon the technology niche & the chosen firm. The usual charges to Hire software developers in India are highly affordable.
  • Ukraine: While a few companies charge even less than $50 per hour, the usual charges range from $50 per hour to $150 per hour.
  • Verdict: India wins but that does not mean Ukraine charges unjust prices. The overall development charges are highly dependent upon the standard of living in the chosen country. The hourly charges are lesser than the European nation in both the countries and the actual expense depends upon the chosen company for hiring developers.  

3) Which country has more excellent political stability?

What? Why are we discussing it? Well, you don’t want to work in a nation where there’s no political stability. It enhances your risk of project delay due to a poor work environment. There are many ways political stability, directly and indirectly, affects businesses, including healthy laws promoting harmonious work culture.

Investing in a country with an unstable political situation is a risk best avoided while outsourcing IT.

  • India: The country is renowned for having a decent political scenario and good relations with world-leading powers like the U.S, U.K, and the Russian government, etc.  
  • Ukraine: The present scenario of Ukraine does not seem good with a war-like situation with Russia. 
  • Verdict: India wins again.

4) Which one offers a more compatible culture?

Cultural compatibility means greater trust between you and the chosen developer. A compatible culture offers easy trust-building with the selected developer for the job. However, you should not consider cultural differences thoroughly as a hurdle because, on the upside, they lead to a more significant level of innovation in the projects.

  • India: The nation is renowned for having a rich and diverse culture. However, it is wholly different from those of European countries.  
  • Ukraine: Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. Being a European nation, you can expect minimal cultural differences between you and the hired team of coders.
  • Verdict: Ukraine wins here. You can undoubtedly have a high level of compatibility with the hired developer’s team.

5) Which country has good proficiency in the English Language?

Confused between Indian & Ukrainian Software Developers for Your Project? Get Your Answers Here

Language proficiency is one of the critical skills checked while hiring a developer. It is essential because it leads to an uninterrupted and passionate flow of ideas from a creative business mind to a coder team. Without a common vocal language, it gets challenging to clearly illustrate your concepts and expectations from the final software product.

  • India: As per Wikipedia, the number of English speakers stands at a whopping 194 million, accounting for nearly 14% of the total population. Being a British-ruled nation in the 19th century, Indians have developed a penchant for the English language. It is the official language of the country and is taught to children right from elementary school. 
  • Ukraine: According to Wikipedia, 18% of Ukraine’s population communicates in English, representing 7 million people. The country practices Ukrainian as the official language, and the number of English speakers is low.
  • Verdict: India wins. While Ukraine has a 4 percent higher population of English speakers, the country lags far behind in the numbers.

6) Developers attitude towards work

Hiring passionate developers is a key to the success of any IT project. Imagine getting stuck with a team that has zero passion for work! It would ultimately lead to zero innovation and complete project failure. Let us explore the attitude of the developers towards work in the two countries.

  • India: The high competition in software development services in the region has significantly impacted the developer’s attitude. The coding team keeps itself updated with the latest technology tools to stay ahead of the competition. However, on the downside, the nation’s culture promotes excessive humility towards the elder, clients, etc. It has led to people being less vocal and sugar-coating of facts.  
  • Ukraine: You can witness uncompromised honesty when handling your project via Ukrainian developers. The country has developed a culture where people prefer being straightforward over sugar-coating of facts. Thus, the developer team may sound rude at times, but that is purely out of the honesty factor.
  • Verdict: Ukraine leads, but we leave it for you to decide.

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7) Compatible time-zone

Confused between Indian & Ukrainian Software Developers for Your Project? Get Your Answers Here

When hiring software developers, a compatible time zone plays a significant role in working with the team. Hiring a team of developers that resonates with your time zone leads to significantly higher creativity and zero barriers in communication during the software development life cycle. 

  • India: The nation is 3 hours & 30 minutes ahead of Europe & 9 hours 30 minutes ahead of New York Times. With convenient IT policies, software development companies in India work 24/7 to enhance client service.
  • Ukraine: The country has three different time zones and, in a way, can be considered as 1 hour ahead of Central Europe & 9 hours ahead of the New York time zone. Ukraine also has relaxed IT policies.
  • Verdict: Ukraine leads here.

Let’s Analyze the Complete Results in a Tabular Form

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Final Takeaway

We can clearly conclude the following:

  • India offers more options to hire developers.
  • Cost-effectiveness depends highly upon the chosen software development company.
  • Ukraine has a more compatible culture with the Western countries.
  • Political stability votes for India as a preferable choice.
  • Developer’s attitude votes for Ukraine.
  • Time-zone issues with the hired team are natural in both countries.

Based on the features you consider more significant, you can now easily choose between the two nations for a software development project.

I hope the blog proves helpful to you.

Confused between Indian & Ukrainian Software Developers for Your Project? Get Your Answers Here

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