10 Most Trending And Profitable Food App Ideas

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Delicious food is a sort of weakness for many, and this is why no one can stay away from food for such a long time. This is one of the main reasons why the food industry has never seen the non-yielding phase.

Due to COVID-19 in most of the countries, the lockdown has been declared; moreover, the modern era people generally do not like standing in the long queue for ordering food or waiting to get their food on the table; these are the reasons why nowadays people are focusing on online food delivery. 


–The worldwide online food delivery services market is anticipated to rise from $115.07 billion (2020) to $126.91 billion (2021) at a CAGR of 10.3%

–In 2025 the market is foreseen to reach $192.16 billion at a CAGR of 11%.

Well, if you are running a startup or SME business, then focus on an online food ordering system project; this will help develop leading food delivery software. Here I have stated the famous food app ideas picking one can help you create unique and leading food applications.         

LIST OF The Best Food App Ideas

1. App For Online Table Reservations

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App for online table reservations is one of the best food app ideas. If you are running the restaurant, then building the table reservations app can help you function smoothly and predict how many customers may come to your place. According to this, you can prepare food that will ultimately reduce the wastage of food, saving money and time. 

This mobile app idea for the restaurant business will represent your food ordering services and help you attract more and more customers. By building this app, you can allow customers to book a table location, time slot, date, food, and more.

Best Table Booking App: Tock, OpenTable, Yelp, and Table Agent.

2. Food Wastage Reduction App



Source: Medium

If you just started the food business, you may face food wastage and management. This can be reduced by using the customized Food wastage reduction app like Bioplant traceability system. Building this app can help your business estimate the amount of food you need to make per day as per the maximum customer reach at your restaurant.

Additionally, this app can help you decide the menu using the same preparation differently and support you in suggesting the delivery of leftover food to the needy and homeless people of your city. If you want to form a leading application for your business vertical, then hire the best app company that will help you get a great online food ordering solution

 Famous Food wastage reduction app: Food for All, Flashfood, Too Good To Go, Food Rescue US, and more     

3. Corporate Food Delivery App

Image Source: BuyBApps

Nowadays, most of the corporate sector prefer to establish their office in the outer area of the city to lessen the disturbance of traffic and unwanted sounds. But the office located in the outer area of the city usually faces connectivity issues, and there is no proper supply of food and all. So if you are running a startup or SME business, then you can choose this brilliant app idea.

Building Corporate online food ordering software, you can connect various food centers and offer online food ordering solutions like breakfast, team lunches, celebrations, daily meals, or dinner packs in the offices and industrial workspaces. 

Popular Corporate Food Delivery App: DoorDash, Caviar, Grubhub, Postmates, UberEats.

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4. Dairy Product Delivery App


Image Source: Mtoag Technologies

During the lockdown, most of the people are not going outside, and due to this reason, the usage of dairy product delivery apps is increasing day by day, so it will be great if you will focus on creating online food delivery software.

In the dairy product delivery app, you can include various dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, and so on. Along with it, you can also include multiple dairy stores to offer faster food delivery solutions.

Popular Dairy Product Delivery App: BBDaily, DailyNinja, Country Delight, Milkbasket, AwesomeDairy.

5. Daily essential products booking app

Image Source: Smarther

We all know that due to COVID-19 lockdown, it is very unsafe to move out and buy essential stuff, and that’s why nowadays, people are entirely relying on the online daily essential store for ordering the everyday needed products. So if you will also focus on creating the leading Daily essential products booking app, then your business can grow up to the next level.

In the Daily essential products booking app, you can include order scheduling, booking, online payment sort of features. This will make your app robust and user-friendly.  

Daily essential products booking app: BigBasket, Grofers, Nature’s Basket, Zopnow, Amazon pantry

6. Online event catering booking app

Image Source: Nicepage

Sometimes on an urgent basis, we plan a get-together or party, and at that time, it is a major question from where to order good quality and quantity food. So if you are running a food business or other small to moderate level business, it will be a great initiative to create an Online event catering booking app. By doing so, you can make an excellent and demanded app that can help your business grow. 

In this sort of app, you can introduce the listing of famous catering businesses, which sort of food they offer, location, service timing, food order management system, pricing, and so on.

Famous Online event catering booking app: Amadeus, Total Party Planner, CaterTrax, Spoonfed, Caterease, Liquora

7. Round the clock food service app

Image Source: UX Collective

Most of the food delivery apps are there, but all do not offer 24*7 services, so picking round a clock food service app idea can help you form a unique application. In this app, you can list the food stores which offer round-the-clock online food delivery services.

In creating a 24*7 food-service app, you can integrate various features and functionalities such as scheduling the food delivery management system, listing popular food delivery, and so on.

Popular Round-the-clock food service apps: Seamless, Postmates, goPuff, Delivery.com, Instacart.

8. Feed poor people app

Image Source: The Hofer


There are so many restaurants in which food gets wasted, but what if we create a feed poor people app and connect the app with various restaurants and volunteers helping feed poor people. Doing so will help your business form an excellent and unique application.

In this sort of app, you can add various options like location tracking of the restaurants, scheduling timing for food collection, and a lot more. Building this application will help enterprises increase productivity.    

Famous Feed poor people apps:  Food Cowboy, Rainbow, PareUp, Waste No Food, Share the Meal, etc.

9. Online Bakery items app

Image Source: Dribble

This is also one of the exquisite and innovative mobile app ideas which help your business form the best food apps. In this sort of app, bakery products like pastry, cake items you can include, even you can also include the list of famous bakery stores.

In this online bakery items app, you can include various services: fast order-taking, self-order menu options, orders from third-party food delivery services, and more.

Popular online bakery items app: TouchBistro, Square, Toast, ShopKeep, Lightspeed Restaurant, etc.

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10. Diet & Healthy meal delivery app


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This is such a brilliant food delivery app idea, and such an app has the highest searches. Nowadays, people are health-conscious, so creating a Diet & Healthy meal delivery app will help your business grow. 

You can add healthy recipes, healthy and diet food, scheduling food delivery, nearby food delivery, location, tracking, and more options in this app. Moreover, you can also connect this app with the hospital that requires healthy food for their patients on a daily basis.  

Famous Diet & Healthy meal delivery app: Purple Carrot, Trifecta Nutrition, BistroMD, Nutrisystem, Blue Apron, etc.

Wrapping Up

All food app ideas stated here are excellent and can help various business verticals such as startups, SMEs, and large enterprises making outstanding online food delivery software. 

The food app usually includes advanced features such as location tracking, payment option, mapping, and more, so it may be challenging for you to create food applications.

To overcome this challenge, hire mobile app developers working in the top-rated software outsourcing company (ValueCoders); help your business by offering innovative online food ordering solutions and creating multi-feature and quality applications. 

About Company:

Since 2004, ValueCoders has been serving startups, SMEs, and large businesses; by offering magnificent IT-based services and solutions, the organization has made a good reputation in the market. This Deloitte and ISO certification holder firm includes skilled developers who have delivered around 4200+ projects globally.  



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