7 Reasons Why Should Startups Switch To Magento eCommerce Platform

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With the arrival of many new technologies, products, and services, there has been a lot of opportunities for business owners to establish a new business and similarly carry a niche early on.

So, when you start a new business, selling your product is easy,.But! the moment you join with other seasoned high-flyers, you will face fierce competition in this business world.

This is the reason why online businesses today require the best e-commerce platform for startups to run their business successfully. Thankfully, we are having Magento(the best eCommerce platform for startups). It has earned the trust of the most well-known e-commerce sites and various leading brands in the world in less time.

 Magento Is The Most Admired Ecommerce Platform 

The popularity of Magento is impeccable around the world, here are some aspects that support this statement. 

  • Globally 250,000+ merchants are using Magento eCommerce for online sales. 
  • In the span of last one year, 7500+ merchants migrated to the Magento application.
  • By 2020, worldwide eCommerce sales on Magento are anticipated to surpass $ 224 billion.
  • Magento eCommerce platform has 1.9% share of CMS market.

Moreover, it is the most popular and influential digital best eCommerce platform for startups and used by many small as well as already established big companies.

According to BuiltWith stats, Magento is the second most popular and the best eCommerce platform for startups having a market share of 17%, among the Top 100k sites (Magento CE and Magento Enterprise combined).

7 Reasons Why Should Startups Switch To Magento eCommerce Platform

As per Forrester’s Q3 report, Magento is named as a B2B leader for mid-sized organizations.

According to Techcrunch, about 51% of people in the U.S. have completely shunned the physical stores and shop majorly on their E-commerce counterparts due to the inception of e-commerce platforms like Magento(best eCommerce platform for startups).

If you want to secure an eCommerce website store to improve your product sales. Then you must get in touch with an eCommerce development company that can implement Magento potential.

So now, we know that Magento(the best eCommerce platform for startups) is a one-stop open source solution. And! It offers enterprise-grade features and the flexibility you might need to tailor your business needs.

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According to some other sources, many traders attribute between 10 to 80% of the increase in sales to the robust Magento functions. Users also consistently report good experiences with the e-commerce platform, and Magento’s growing popularity reflects this.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 7 reasons why should startups need to switch to Magento e-commerce development in 2020.

1) SEO friendly e-commerce platform

In order to enhance the search engine ranking drastically. Magento, the best eCommerce platform for startups, offers various SEO-friendly URLs to businesses.

In addition, it also produces customized meta descriptions, meta keywords, Google sitemap etc. which are necessary to improve the e-commerce sites online search engine rankings.

There are several factors related to websites that affect your website ranking, such as quality user-experience, performance, content quality, page loading speed, and more.

Magento offers a web application having top-notch quality in each aspect and delivers an attractive looking website. The optimized pages of Magento load faster and come with built-in SEO plugging that boosts online visibility.

That’s why Magento(best eCommerce platform for startups)is an ideal e-commerce platform for SEO and online marketing as you can easily configure it to comply with SEO best practices.

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2) Flexible e-commerce platform

As compared to other e-commerce platforms like SaaS platforms, whenever a web app or site is deployed on to Magento e-commerce platform, the respective company gets full ownership and access to hosting.

This e-commerce tool tears down the complexity of managing e-commerce platforms by offering a packet full of handy features that cater high-grader protection and support to businesses.

Its features include functionalities specific to business needs such as advanced search filters, product catalogues and more. An effective user management feature in Magento, allows business owners to set up an online store from scratch. Altogether, multi-language and currency support is the most appreciated perks of this application.

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Therefore, it is considered as a flexible and ownership asset. Due to this reason, many companies love to buy this in order to get full accountability and ownership of their developed product.

3) Ready-to-use extension

7 Reasons Why Should Startups Switch To Magento eCommerce Platform

It has an extension marketplace which is full of various real-world problem-solving extensions that are built by the community members.

If there is any functionality that you want your online e-commerce store to have. Then, it is very likely that it will already be present in the extension marketplace of Magento e-commerce platform as a ready-to-use extension.

This also improves the ease of development and helps developers deliver fast response times to their customers.

Using Magento for creating your e-Commerce store can boost sales and help you get successful. So, get in touch with a Magento development company that can craft a unique web solution for your startup.

4) Big community

Almost all developers love open-source e-commerce platforms. And, the same goes for Magento e-commerce platform since it is an open-source product thriving a big community around it.

The community of developers and enthusiasts of Magento(best eCommerce platform for startups) is about 150,000 strong. The web developers in the forums and in the community. They work to create extensions and improve the e-commerce platform in many ways.

Magento Open Source Edition is the recognized Magento community and version available. It aids any startup or retail business to develop a Magento website. It includes a massive list of features that can be useful for small businesses.

Moreover, this version of Magento allows online eCommerce businesses to customize page layouts and customer group creation.

The fact that the platform is open source and flexible itself. This explains the great popularity of software among a number of developers and development companies.

5) Customer Segmentation

With Magento e-commerce platform, small as well as big businesses and companies can segment their customer base based on several factors. The sengmentatin can inlude several categories such as purchasing history, user activity, demographics, and shopping cart details.

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This function helps companies better plan their online marketing and sales strategies. Since they have data at hand that can give them relevant information about the client’s behaviour and the different customer segments they have reached.

6) Secured e-commerce platform

7 Reasons Why Should Startups Switch To Magento eCommerce Platform

Security is the first major concern of every business especially when it comes to e-commerce websites. In fact, it is like a big challenge among them which requires attention and consideration.

With Magento e-commerce platform, eCommerce development companies can guarantee the security of their clients since all transactions from a Magento website are secured with effective data encryption so there are no security gaps.


7) Mobility

Due to the increased number of mobile users across the world, mobile-friendly websites are a significant need at the time. Magento themes offer mobile-friendly responsiveness in UX/UI that result in a mobile adaptive website. These themes deliver seamless user experience irrespective of platform.

With the Magento e-commerce platform, you can compile native applications for iPad/iPhone and Android devices that carry an HTML5 interface. Additionally, developers can easily build mobile websites that connect to the website.

With the enhanced mobility functionalities or features, it is possible to introduce drag-and-drop and slide-and-zoom functions on the mobile website.



Taking into account the aforementioned benefits of the Magento e-commerce platform, it would not be wrong to say that it is the best eCommerce platform for startups in the existing time.

It has best features in its store and CMS that allow retailers to sell online creatively. It can help you develop achievable objectives and demonstrate how your company can use this technology to achieve growth, increase conversion rates, reduce costs, etc.

I hope the reasons given above are sufficiently capable to convince you to use the Magento e-commerce platform for your next e-commerce development project. A reliable software development company with certified Magento developers like ValueCoders can help you use the full potential of Magento and launch an e-commerce store that outperforms your competitors.

By hiring Magento developers from here, you can bring success to your project since ValueCoders is a leading e-commerce development company in India, consists of an expert team of Magento developers who have successfully delivered more than 4200 projects to more than 2500 satisfied customers in the last 15+ years. Contact us today!

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