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7 Skills To check Before You Hire Android Developers

7 Skills To check Before You Hire Android Developers

Your business needs a mobile application. with 88% of total Smartphone users, Android tops the chart as a Smartphone mobile operating system. Hence, it’s a mandate for you to build a mobile app for Android. However, for that you need to hire Android developers who have experience and certain skills to match your requirement. Here comes the real challenge-

The growing number of Smartphone users and popularity of Android latest versions have created immense opportunity for mobile development companies. Every now and then you will find firms saying they have the skills to fulfill your requirements. This makes it even harder to pick the diamond from coal mine. Before you end up making a wrong decision, check for these 7 skills your development partner is offering or not:

  1) Expertise in Java

An android developer must have expertise in Java. Native development requires using of Java and an Android developer must be competent with most of the complex Java syntax and its programming structures. The android developer should know object-oriented concepts like  inheritance, class vs static methods, hibernate and everything Java. The developer should have good working knowledge of variables, loops, control structure,  lists etc.

java and android

  2) Proficient In SQL

Most of the Android applications require a back-end to store the app and user data. It helps you to manage large amount of data and store them locally. In order to do that, a high level proficiency in SQL is required. Hence, before you hire Android developers, you should check for SQL skills as well.


  3) Effective XML Coding

While the core development of your mobile application is done in Java, effective coding in XML is required to give it a good look. XML will help you to create layouts that will serve as the foundational UI definition for Android mobile applications. XML is a standard way to code data for internet-based apps. It allows information to be passed between devices that can be understood consistently. Here’s the architecture:

XML_Configurations for android

  4) Android SDK Knowledge

Android developers must have good knowledge of Android Software development Kit (SDK). The concepts which the developers must be well informed about includes basic understanding of layouts and views, user input, getting data from the web, action bar, accommodating different screen size, storing data, activities and their life cycle, and densities. The developer must also have sound knowledge of Android documentation. Hence, before you hire android developers check the skills of Android SDK as well.

  5) Working In Android Studio

The Android Studio integrated development environment pulls together all the tools needed to write your Android application with the functions you need to test and debug it. Android Studio allows to take advantage of the features and shortcuts it provides to help you efficiently and effectively create bug-free code.

android_studio hire android developers

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  6) Keen To Learn More: hire android developers

With all the new updates coming on a regular basis, android development standards change very quickly. An Android developer should be flexible to learn new things and adopt changes.  Hence, when you hire Android developer, you should check if he is keen to learn new tweaks and tweets or not.

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  7) Communication & Collaboration Skills

Team collaboration is very important in most developer positions. An Android developer should create exceptional products by accepting feedback on work, teaming up with other developers and compromising with co-workers. Always ensure that the developers can easily explain to both technical and non-technical people about what they are working with.

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Hence, now you know what parameters to check before you hire Android app developers. You should also look for a well established software development company who offer you a transparent screening and interview process with flexibility to change and hire Android app developers as per your need.

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