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App development companies across the globe are building taxi booking apps on a large scale. Booking A Taxi Should Be As Easy As Tapping The Switch Indoors. Whether you want to hail a cab in the office, during an emergency, or during a rush, whatever the situation is, it should be at your fingertips. 

Launch of taxi apps owners, especially taxi businesses (hire-go/ carpool/ rent/ shuttle), have started turning to taxi app development companies——– like Uber and Lyft—— to embark on the online portal by taxi dispatch software having striking features.

However, you should research and develop apps by maintaining the core values in mind to produce feature-load services.

Following is the list of some top-notch taxi application development companies.

I’ve created after research & analysis reviewing testimonials, case studies, track record, and portfolio of their delivered taxi apps.

  1. PixelCrayons
  2. ValueCoders
  3. OpenXcell
  4. Jafron
  5. MobiSoft
  6. Appypie
  7. Devico Solutions
  8. Enuke Software
  9. Innofied Solutions
  10. MTOAG
  11. Onde App
  12. Peerbits
  13. Space O Technologies



Founded in 2004, Pixelcrayons is an award-winning Digital Consulting & Engineering Firm offering end-to-end solutions to Enterprises, Digital Agencies, and Startups. They have skilled and experienced team of developers that can deliver high-quality solutions.

It is a one-stop destination taxi booking app development company, along with various other industries looking to outsource software development services. They offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs by staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

19+ Years of Experience | 650+ Professionals | 5400+ Happy Clients | 12500+ Projects Completed

Avg. Hourly price: $25/hr

Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2004

Location: India

Key Clients: WHO, MasterChef, Yale University, Panasonic



ValueCoders has been a leading application development service provider since 2004. They comprise 450+ skilled people with at least 4+ years of dedicated experience to yield high-quality solutions and add value to the business. They offer various solutions across industries along with taxi application development.

The white-label taxi app development services provided by Valuecoders: simple, secure & user-friendly.

  • Easier passenger onboarding
  • Advanced tracking system
  • Custom package plans

18+ Years of Experience | 4200+ Projects Launched | 2000+ man-years Experience | 2500+ Satisfied Customers | 97% Client Retention | 40+ Countries Served | Follow FTR Process

Avg. Hourly price: $25/hr

Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2004

Location: India

Key Clients: Dubai Police, Risk Logic, Track Opinion


A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

OpenXcell, founded in 2009, is one of India’s most trusted mobile app and software development companies offering custom software, mobile application, and web application development along with product engineering, user experience (UX) research and design, and QA & Testing solutions. They are a taxi booking app development company that can create robust solutions with highly creative and dedicated offshore teams.

They have a wide pool of skilled professionals in Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and more to help you extend your customer base.

Avg. Hourly price: $25/hr

Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2009

Location: India

Key Clients: AJIO, Reliance, BYJU’S. Kotak Mahindra Bank



Founded in 2013, Jafton is a reliable partner for your digital project. Their core values include transparency, speed, innovation, curiosity, challenge, and growth. Jafton takes a people-centric approach to building and designing your next big idea. Whatever stage in the process you’re at for your taxi application development, they come alongside you to become your partner.

Its US-based, in-house team of creative problem-solving visionaries will help bring your ideas to life.

Avg. Hourly rate: $50 – $99 / hr

Employees: 10 – 49

Founded: 2013

Location: New York

Key Clients: Alaska, Kia, Kroger, SHEIN


A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

Mobisoft Infotech is an app development company specializing in iOS, Android, and BB enterprise app development. The company has produced more than 240 apps.

The team has enhanced experience as a taxi booking app development company and other mobile app development with creative and market-specific product development. They have software developers & designers of the highest pedigree with a keen focus on best practices, methods, business goals, and cutting-edge technologies.

Avg. Hourly rate$25- $49/hr, 

Employees:              50–249

Founded:                  2010

Location:                  USA

Key Clients:             Olha Agua, Samsung, Deloitte, Unicornia App

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

Appy Pie

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development CompaniesAppy Pie is a mobile creator for Android, iOS, Windows. The company can develop low-cost applications with offices in London, Virginia & New Delhi with approximately 235 employees.

Appy Pie develops an app with no coding. It focuses on helping SMB using the latest technology. They create a speedier, affordable, and user-friendly solution in a no-code mobile app builder. So you will be amazed to see taxi booking app development in a few minutes with zero or absolutely no coding at all.

Avg. Rate: $7 to $ 33/mo

Employees: 235-250

Founded: 2015

Location: India

Key Clients: Sodexo Qatar, Mr. Olympia, Slim down

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

Enuke Software 

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

Enuke Software is a leading mobile & web development company. In 2008, they started their operations to become an ultimate iOS & Android application development service to clients across the globe for taxi application development and other solutions.  Keeping those business goals in mind, the experts provide business goals with implemented projects in diverse software development areas.

It has more than 200 iOS app development worldwide in 3 different countries and 180+ satisfied clients.

Avg. Hourly Rate:  $25/hr

Employees:  50-249

Founded:   2008

Location:   USA

 Key Clients:   Pedia Tape Survey, Pipeline Wizard, Blink Awards

Innofied Solutions

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

A leading mobile & web app development company existed in the market since 2012 emerged and as one of the successful companies. They have developed 400+ apps in industries: transport, education, healthcare, IoT, WEARABLES, E-COMMERCE & FINANCE.

Working on timelines and value for money are the main agenda as they use a broad spectrum of technologies, making them one of the best taxi tracking software and other apps for global clients.

Over the years, Innofied catered services to 150+ clients solutions with more than 100 full-time team members, offices in New York, San Francisco, Australia, and India, using a broad spectrum of technologies for taxi application development and other solutions.

Avg. Hourly Rate: $25 to $49 /hr

Employees:  100

Founded: 2012

Country: United States, India

Key Clients:  Engage Mobile, SnappOrder, Greenply startups & SME, IMD Business School


A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

MTOAG is a leading full-service mobile and web development company that provides complete solutions. Since they have one of the best minds & specialists behind spectacular app development, they provide IT solutions and lead digital solutions to their clients.

Since its inception in  2009, the company has undertaken more than 1000 applications and satisfied customers.

 The company provides the most economical and customer-friendly solutions at cut-throat prices with core areas enriched Internet applications, custom web development, interactive web design, product design & development & eCommerce.

Avg. Hourly Rate: $25/hr 

Employees:   130+

Founded: 2009

Location: India 

Key Clients: 1000+ Projects On Various Platforms

Onde App

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

They are better known for their on-demand services and for creating new market leaders. They integrate services like GPS tracking, iPhone & Android apps, online booking system, etc. Furthermore, they allow taxi companies to sell orders and cabs; so far, they have delivered  200+ on-demand services in more than 60 countries—- to create leading-edge apps. Such clients have grown their revenue in connecting to the world.

The clients they have rendered services for taxi application development and other solutions are churning ROI by providing user-friendly services.

Avg. Rate: $59 per user /month

Employees: 51-200

Founded: 2013

Location: Belarus 

Key Clients: GeekWire, tech cabal, Financial Nigeria

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies


A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

Peer bits is a leading mobile app development company in the global market since 2011. The team consists of 100+ developers, designers, QA specialists, top managers, and system administrators. They are well-versed in providing customized websites on platforms like PHP, Python, and MAGENTO, backend solutions for business, and strategizing app launch plans.

Be it a start-up or large International companies; they operate with a quality-centric approach to all customers since 2011. For an operating time, Peerbits has a presence in four countries: India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Colombia.

Avg. Hourly Rate: $25/hr

Employees:  100+

Founded: 2011

Location: India 

Key Clients: King Saud University, TracMojo, Medtronics

Space O Technologies

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

Space O Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in India, Russia, Siberia, and Vietnam.

They are a leading taxi booking app development company and offer other services, with an extensive range of mobile & web app development and cloud services. Having developed more than 3500 mobile applications for more than 1000+ clients across the globe, the team of more than 200 expert android & iPhone app developers, UI & UX designers & web development professionals.

 Avg. Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 / hr

 Employees: 200


Country: India

Key Clients: Nike, Ferrari, Stanford HCI Group, McAfee, Starwesttech

Since cabs in modern times are no less than a lifeline for many the taxi dispatch systems are of the highest quality. Using the digital channel,  booking a cab is now at his fingertips at any place and time as per convenience. Hence, making life loT easier.

Devico Solutions

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

Device Solutions is a leading outsourcing development company building products on cutting-edge technology in the last 10 years. They are a domain expert in Fintech, Healthcare, e-Learning, Media & entertainment, and industries. A renowned name in providing both mobile and web solutions.

They have an Agile team that is well-versed in developing efficient, versatile solutions.

Avg. Hourly Rate:   $25- $49/hr

Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2011

Location: Ukraine 

Key Clients: Voicebox, Memomeister, Quick Mount PV

How To Choose The Best Taxi App Development Company?

Many taxi apps operate right now globally, and both drivers and travelers are benefitting from these services. Now many underdeveloped countries started using taxi booking systems using mobile apps. Thousands of enthusiastic business-minded people are trying to start their taxi applications. The fulcrum of the business revolves around the quality & user-friendliness nature of the app. So eventually, those who are into taxi booking app development will seek optimal services in app development.

So now many of us will have this dilemma How To Choose Amongst Leading Taxi App Development Company :


While selecting a company, one must look forward to the best Taxi app development companies. The only one can expect in-depth knowledge in app development from a service provider.

Application Integration

Taxi booking apps should have versatile and user-friendly features. The company should have experience with random application integration to make it eligible for providing the offer than those who lack expertise in the domain.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Get free consultation and let us know your project idea to turn it into an amazing digital product.


 In present times when the malicious intent of cyber fraudsters can harm at anytime, the application’s security makes it crucial for the financial details of the customers. Low-level encryption often invites a disaster, and business ramp-down may occur as a result.

Enhanced features

The modern-day taxi app solution is all about enhanced features that could boost your business start. So embedding with hi-tech features is the key. So, they recommended looking for some leading names in taxi app development companies.

Final Note: 

Booking a taxi app is now as easy as blinking an eye. With high-tech smartphone applications, riders now have the leverage to secure taxi apps anytime, anywhere using robust taxi booking apps and ride with pride. 

In such a scenario, users’ convenience is of paramount importance. The app development should meet all parameters: data security, comfort, real-time updates, and integration with other customer-centric features to make their ride smooth & with zero hassles.

Entrepreneurs looking into taxi app solutions have a significant opportunity to latch onto leading taxi app development companies like ValueCoders ( a 16-year-old company with dedicated experience in offshore software development) for making their presence felt and thrive in taxi app development.

A JOYRIDE With Top 13 Taxi App Development Companies

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